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It is perfectly normal at twenty weeks not to feel kicking for a day, but as your pregnancy progresses, fetal movement will be more regular. Ask your doctor if you have any concerns.

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Q: Is it normal not to feel kicking for a day?
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Normal to feel movement in third trimester?

Yes. It is very normal to feel kicking and other movements in your third trimester. You should be worried if you wouldn't feel any movements over a period of several weeks.

Is it normal to feel light taps in belly when you are not pregnant?

Yes it is simply your baby turning or moving and sometimes eben kicking

Your periods are very irregular and you feel kicking in your stomack you took a home preg test but it was negative could you still be pregnant?

It's not normal to feel kicking inside your stomach unless yo have a child inside. I suggest you go see a doctor right away!

Is it normal if you feel like crying every day?

No it is not Normal If you feel like crying every day is that you mentallyall rightplease go for a check up to Psychiatrist

Why do you feel kicking in your stomache?

Because your pregoo!

Is it normal to feel your baby move under your belly button?

Yes it is normal to feel your baby move under your belly button I'm pregnant with my third child and you feel the baby move any where it feels like kicking or turning. The only time you need to worry is if your baby inst moving at all.

What if your breast don't be hurting or you don't feel sick but you do feel kicking could you be pregnant?


Is it normal not to feel your tongue after getting a wisdom tooth pulled?

Yes, for a day.

Can kicking in pregnancy feel like gas?

Yes early on it does.

Why do you feel kicking when there is no baby?

You could just be digesting food.

How early in pregnancy can you feel kicking?

they say at about 4 months...but that depends on the size of the baby and if you have had babies before you will be able to recognize the kicking. I didn't feel my babykicking until 6 months

Does it mean you are pregnant if you feel pulse in your belly?

yes you can feel the babys heart beat and feel the baby kicking around

At 5 months ahould your baby be kicking?

At 5 months, you should be able to feel your baby moving, however not neccessarily kicking

Is it normal to question your sexuality?

Yes it is. Your hormones start kicking in and you may feel a certain way about the same sex but if you pray and you ask god to lead the thoughts you have about it ,he will work. Trust it worked for me.

How soon can you feel the baby kicking inside the womb?

3_4 months

Can a human feel kittens kicking inside a pregnant cat?


What does it mean when you are pregnant and dream that you can see the baby's foot kicking through the womb?

Such dreams as this are perfectly normal during pregnancy. The dreamer might be anticipating the later stages of pregnancy when it can feel as if the baby really is kicking through the womb! This is a good dream and does not indicate any problem with the pregnancy or the fetus.

Is it true that the HCG test will be negative even though you have vaginal bleeding monthly but you feel the baby kicking?

The HCG level drops after 20 weeks when you start to feel the baby kick. Have you had an ultrasound scan because monthly bleeding during pregnancy is not normal?

What does fetal movement feel like at 24 weeks?

Squirming, kicking and punching.

Can you feel a baby kicking?

you can but if you hit your mothers stomach it will stop because you scared it

When is a fetus considered a life?

It's up to the woman to decide since it hers. For some it's a baby from day one, for others when they can feel it kicking etc. It all differs.

Is it normal for a17 weeks fetus to kick to the cervix?

people often feel kicking as early as 16 weeks. a 17 week old baby may kick and you might feel it in your cervix. usually they aren't that strong at that age, though. is your doctor sure of your dates?

If you are expecting your period and you have a 28-day regular cycle is it normal to feel pains in you nipples?


Is it normal to feel like eating almost nothing for one day every once in a while?

As long as it's only for a day or so at a time, and as long as it's only occasionally, then it's normal.

Why would I feel the sensation of a baby kicking but I am not pregnant?

because yo may have gas :)