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There is a recognized side effect of mood changes with Adderall XR or immediate release. If you were experiecing dibilitaing anxiety while taking Adderall I would say that is a side effect worth talking over with your doctor. It's not a side effect that is noted as one that is mild, or one that might go away during treatment. Talk with your doctor. * You are most likely taking too much for your body to handle. That is a rather large dose and thouh it is a difficult medication to get due to so many abusing it, my experience is that doctors often over-perscribe it. I was initially told to take 2 20mg pills a day, one if the morning and one in the afternoon. I tried the first day with just one and felt more ADD then before! I found with my body chemistry and schedule that if I take half a pill in the morning (quite soon after I wake up) it lasts me the entire day, does not make me feel bad at night when it wears off (occasional insomnia) and is not overly habit forming. I don't usually take it on weekends or vacations, etc. and it has worked very well in this capacity for several years. Depending on the reason for taking so much, I would talk to your doctor first, I would slowly reduce your dosage until you find one that works for you. Good luck.

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Q: Is it normal to experience debilitating anxiety and moodiness around 7 pm when taking 50 mg adderall xr 25 x2 in the morning and 25 mg adderall immediate release in the late afternoon?
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