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yes. the placement of your NuvaRing should be ok as long as it does not slip out. how else are you supposed to remove it, if you don't feel it? you have to be able to feel it in order to remove it after your 3 wks. most of the times neither partner will be able to feel it during sex.

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Q: Is it normal to feel the nuva ring with your finger once it is in the vagina?
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Can getting off the nuva ring cause a uti?

While some women feel some vaginal or urethral irritation if the Nuva Ring presses against the front of the vagina, taking out the Nuva Ring would not be expected to cause painful urination.

Can the nuva ring get lost?

NO, it can only go as far as the end of your vagina.

Does the Nuva ring cause bacteria if you leave it in the vagina for three weeks and can you wash the Nuva ring daily?

No, Nuva Ring doesn't lead to bacterial vaginosis, and it should not be removed and washed daily. .

How do you insert NuvaRing?

Squeeze it together with you thumb and middle finger so that it looks like an 8. then hold the lips of you vagina apart and slide it in. It make take a few tries at first, don't worry it goes in eventually!Wash your hands and open the Nuva Ring package. Pinch the Nuva Ring between your thumb and forefinger, creating a kind of figure eight shape. You get into a comfortable position (seated on toilet, squatting, or lying on your back), and insert it into your vagina until your thumb and forefinger run into your vulva. Then insert a finger into your vagina to push the ring as high into your vagina as it will go. (The ring works in any position in your vagina, but is often more comfortable when inserted high in the cul de sac.)

How do you tell if the nuva ring is in the vagina and not the bladder?

The ring can't get lost inside of your vagina (or bladder for that matter). Your cervix, which is located at the end of your vagina, prevents the ring from traveling up into your uterus.

Can you put in a Nuva Ring if you're still bleeding?

Yes, it's normal to insert a Nuva Ring while you're still bleeding.

How far does nuva ring have to go in vagina?

It works no matter where it is placed in the vagina. You can choose based on comfort and stability (how well it stays in place). For most women the most comfortable location is as far into the vagina as you can reach.

What are the chances of being pregnant if i was on nuva ring for the first time for 3 weeks and it kept moving down and slipping out and when i took it out i didnt start my period then and i had sex?

Nuva Ring works no matter where in the vagina it is placed. The slipping can be frustrating and uncomfortable, but it does not affect how well Nuva Ring works. If you used it consistently in the three weeks, and had sex within seven days of the end of that three week period, you have the same protection as when it was in the vagina.

Can your period be different each month on the nuva ring?

Yes, that's perfectly normal.

What are the ways the nuva ring can fail?

The Nuva Ring birth control device can fail if it is left in too long; if the device comes out of the vagina and is not reinserted within three hours; or if you have unprotected intercourse when just starting using the Nuva Ring and it has not been in place for at least 7 days.

Is there possibility of being pregnant if nuva ring slipped out and didn't realize until a week later?

Yes, it's possible. If you've had unprotected sex during that week, consider using emergency contraception. Use a back up birth control method, like condoms or abstinence from vaginal sex. To prevent this occurrence in the future, use one finger after sex to check that the Nuva Ring is still in the vagina.

How do you know if your nuva ring is right and working?

If NuvaRing is in the vagina, it's in the right place and working. It works no matter where it is, although most women find it more comfortable if it's placed high in the vagina.

How can you know if the nuva ring is placed correctly?

you know if it's placed correctly if you cannot feel it. if you feel it at all then you didn't push it up far enough. i used a tampon applicator to insert the nuva ring. so it goes up farther.

Is it normal to have a period while having the nuva ring inside of you?

Yes, it is. Keep using the Nuva Ring according to the calendar, leaving it in for three weeks and taking it out for seven days, regardless of bleeding.

Can you wear the nuva ring as a bracelet after you are done using it?

I suppose you could, but it seems a little tasteless to take something out of your vagina and put it on your wrist.

Is it normal to take the nuva ring out and spot the same day?

Yes, spotting is normal after removing NuvaRing. It may happen the first day.

You were sore and took out your nuva ring for a few days can you put it back in?

Yes, you can put it back in if you use a backup method of birth control during the first seven days. Soreness is not a normal side effect of Nuva Ring. If you're finding it uncomfortable, try inserting it higher in the vagina. If the symptoms recur, talk to your health care provider about other options for preventing pregnancy.

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After my period i stopped using the nuva ring its been 5 weeks and haven't had another period is this normal?

Yes, the next period typically comes in 4-6 weeks if your period was regular prior to using Nuva Ring. If your period was irregular before Nuva Ring, it is likely to return to its prior irregular habit.

Does NuvaRing kill sperm as soon as it inserts the vagina?

no i work in a pharmacy and the pharmacist said that the nuva ring is just the birth control tabs made into a ring. The hormones are released directly into the vagina which makes it a more effective birth control

What does the vagina look like after you put in the nuvaring?

The vagina looks no different. When I'm doing an exam on a patient who uses Nuva Ring, I often don't remember or realize there's a ring inside until I insert the speculum to get the Pap Smear.

Is it normal to not have a period for six months after not using the nuva ring?

No, it's not normal. If your periods were irregular before using the Nuva Ring, it is to be expected that they will return to their irregular habit. Anyone who's been three months without a period and is not using hormonal birth control should see her health care provider for an exam.

You have spottings while your week free of nuva ring is that normal?

Spotting or even a normal period are normal with Nuvaring. If your period goes on for longer than normal (7 days or so) contact your doctor, as this might be a sign that something is wrong.

Can the hormones in nuva ring affect the odour and taste of your vagina?

Some women notice a change in vaginal discharge, but without a change in odor and without additional irritation. I'm not aware of any study regarding the taste of the vagina and hormonal birth control.

What are the chances of getting pregnant during the first few weeks of using the Nuva Ring?

You need to use a back up method of birth control during the first week of use. After that, you have the normal level of protection from Nuva Ring; namely, if 1000 couples use Nuva Ring perfectly for a year, three will get pregnant. Since there aren't a lot of perfect people in the world, actual failure rates are higher, but probably not as high as the 8 in 100 failure rate with normal birth control pill use (since Nuva Ring gives you fewer chances to goof up.)