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Q: Is it normal to have a lot of discharge if you don't ovulate?
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Is it ok to have a lot of discharge before your period?

Yes it's normal.

Is it normal for a girl to have a lot of discharge during puberty?

if you mean discharge by the clear jelly like substance coming out of the vagina then yes.It's just a girls bodu cleaning itself.

When does ovulation occur?

If you take the number of days of your cycle and divide it by two you will get a general day for ovulation. So if your cycle is 28 days you would normally ovulate on day 14, but this could change each cycle. My cycles are between 24 and 28 days so I ovulate earlier around day 11. You will have a clear sticky discharge around the day you ovulate. Normally it is a lot of discharge. You can get a basil body thermometer and take your temp every day when you wake up. Read the instructions on the thermometer and it will tell you how tell when you ovulate if you do not have the discharge.

Is it normal to have white or clear discharge before your period starts and cramps anywhere on your body?

Yes it is normal. Thick white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Clear and stretchy discharge is 'fertile' mucous and means you are ovulating. It is not normal if the discharge is accompanied by itching. If itching is present your discharge could indicate a yeast infection.

What is a white foamy discharge that women have during intercourse?

It is normal its when you are having a lot of sexual activity and air starts to mix with the vaginal discharge and thus making it foamy. I hope this answered your question.

What is the booger like stuff in your underwear?

It is discharge, which is perfectly normal, it is just something that cleans your vagina. However, sometimes there might be too much discharge or it might be a strange colour and then you would need to see a doctor. But other than that it is perfectly normal to have discharge.

Does vaginal discharge continue to be present when pregnant?

Yes it does. Vaginal discharge is quite a lot during pregnancy.

My yorkie doing toilet a lot hes nine is this normal?

yes it is very normal in old age. so dont need to worry

If you keep feeling like you have started your periodbut when you go to the bathroom its just white discharge and a lot of it is that a sign of pregnancy?

Yes - take a test It just means you're ovulating. You usually ovulate a week before your menstrual cycle. No worries. If you were pregnant you wouldn't be having white discharge; only if you were miscarrying, and you'd know if you were miscarrying.

What does it mean when a girl get a lot of vaginal discharge?

You actually may naturally produce more discharge in general. There are also certain times during your cycle when discharge may increase. Certain infections and STI's may also cause increase in vaginal discharge.

What is your cm like at 7 weeks pregnant?

Hello there. A pregnant womens CM varies in each one of us. Some women have a great deal of CM which looks like ovulation discharge and some have a lot of normal vaginal discharge. The discharge usually increases as the pregnancy progresses.

I am 6 months pregnant and have had a lot of clear thin discharge with a bad odor so much that I have to change my panties 2-3 times a day is this normal?

It is normal to have lots of clear & 'creamy' discharge, to the point where you have to change your underwear, but it shouldn't have a bad odour. You may have an infection brewing, get it checked out by your obstetrician.