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Yes it is normal to have breakthrough bleeding while on the pill and taking predisone. Cortosteroids, anti-fungals, and antibiotics all affect the Birth Control's effectiveness. You should use a back-up method if on any of these for a minimum of two weeks after stopping the course of treatment and you are usually fine after a full cycle.

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Q: Is it normal to have breakthrough bleeding while on the pill and taking prednisone?
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Is it normal not to start you're period on the pill jazz?

It is normal for many women not to have monthly breakthrough bleeding while taking Birth Control Pills.

Can you have breakthrough bleeding after you stop taking the pill?

In terms of word choice, "breakthrough bleeding" is bleeding when you expect the hormones in birth control to stop bleeding. On the other hand, "withdrawal bleeding" is what you have when you stop taking active pills -- whether temporarily, as during the pill-free interval, or when you quit the pill altogether. It's normal to have a withdrawal bleed after stopping the pill. You can expect a normal period in four to six weeks.

What is the normal dosage of Prednisone for adults?

what is the normal dosage of prednisone for a 200 pound person, taking it for poison ivy rash

When does breakthrough bleeding stop once one the pill?

Breakthrough bleeding occurs when you stop taking BC pills. If it occurs while taking BC pills you will need to see your Doctor as the doseage may not be right for you.

Will St. John's Wort cause breakthrough bleeding?

Both breakthrough bleeding and unwanted pregnancies have been reported when taking oc's and st. john's wort together.

Can you take Prednisone when taking tikosyn?


What causes breakthrough bleeding after 4 months on Yaz?

If there is breakthrough bleeding four months after taking Yaz, it could be due to a dosage issue. It could also be caused by a pregnancy or health issue.

When should you become concerned with length of breakthrough bleeding while taking antibiotic?

Don't know geek. >:)

You stopped taking the birth control pill when will the breakthrough bleeding stop?

It should take approximately one week.

Can you take aspirin when taking Prednisone?

No! If you need a painkiller while taking prednisone, pharmacists recommend Tylenol. Aspirin and Prednisone together causes erosion in the stomach.

You are taking the implanon There is on and off bleeding during the week is it normal?

Irregular bleeding is a common side effect of the contraceptive implant.

Can you smoke when taking Prednisone?


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