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The pain is normal for up to two weeks. If there is a tingling sensation though that may mean that the doctor nicked your the nerve that runs along the jaw, that might not ever go away.

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Is it normal to have to have your wisdom teeth removed when your 15 and there almost formed?

It is quite common to have wisdom teeth removed anywhere from 15 to 30.

Can you get your wisdom teeth removed if you have wisdom teeth removed?

there are only 4 wisdom teeth. If you're wisdom teeth is causing pain or discomfort, visit

Is it normal to have two extra back teeth?

Yes. These are called wisdom teeth, and if they are giving you trouble, you can have them removed.

I just had my wisdom teeth removed and there's a flap of skin where one tooth used to be is that normal?

Yes that is normal, that happened with me when my wisdom teeth were removed and it healed up on its own. If you don't play with it, it will settle down in a week or so.

How many wisdom teech are in a normal human?

There are four wisdom teeth in a normal human being. Wisdom teeth are the very last four teeth that grow. They grow at the very end of the jaw - two upper and two lower. Wisdom teeth start appearing in the teens. Wisdom teeth can also appear towards the end of teenage. If there is no space in the jaw for the teeth to come out, then these are removed.

Does everyone need their wisdom teeth taken out?

Most people require their wisdom teeth to be removed because they will shift the alignment of their other teeth, however if the wisdom teeth will not affect the other teeth they will not often be removed. Also 35% of the population will not develop wisdom teeth.

Do you need a oral surgeon to remove wisdom teeth?

An oral surgeon may be recommended if there you are a high risk patient however in most cases a dentist can and will remove wisdom teeth.

Is it normal to have swelling on one side after getting all your wisdom teeth removed?

Yes, dont worry.

My teeth are crooked and crowded because my wisdom teeth are impacted. Will my teeth go back after getting my wisdom teeth removed?

No, go to the orthodontists after the wisdom teeth are out.

Is it true that after wisdom teeth are removed your cheeks swell?

I had two wisdom teeth removed yesterday. I have little swelling on both sides.

If I dont have dental insurance how much will it cost me to get my wisdom teeth removed?

I think the cost is nearly $950 to get your wisdom teeth removed

How many wisdom teeth?

4 wisdom teeth. But not everyone gets them. And not all people that DO get them have to get them removed!

How many hours do you have to not eat before you get your wisdom teeth removed?

our surgeon told us at least 6 hours prior, i think this has to do with the anesthetic (spelling)

How painful is it when you get your wisdom teeth removed?

Not as much as keeping them in. Find a dental surgeon that puts you under general anesthesa (vs. local) and you won't have a problem.

When does a wisdom tooth need to be surgically removed?

Wisdom teeth need to be surgically removed when they become bothersome to the person or they are crowding the other teeth. It is very painful to have them removed.

How long until your life is back to normal after wisdom teeth have been removed?

People differ. It took me about a week before I was back to normal.

Who takes out wisdom teeth?

Generally this work is performed by an oral surgeon.

Is it safe to be put to sleep when pulling wisdom teeth?

Well I am not a doctor or dentist but I had four wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago by an oral surgeon and I was "put to sleep" The process took less than an hour and I was fine. With any anesthesia there can be risk involved. Go to your oral surgeon for a consultation and they can review those with you.

When can you brush your teeth after having wisdom teeth removed?

A little while after...

Do you have to remove wisdom teeth to get braces?

no, your wisdom teeth wont stop you from getting your braces, the only teeth removed before getting braces are baby teeth. although getting wisdom teeth removed when theyre coming in is necessary, and if not then straightened teeth can be moved and pushed by incoming teeth, and crowding the mouth.

When will I make bowel movement after widom teeth removed?

Having wisdom teeth removed has no bearing on when you defecate.

Can your wisdom teeth cause crooked teeth?

Wisdom teeth do not necessarily crowd teeth. Some people who have had their wisdom teeth removed still get crowding, while others that still have their third molars erupted or impacted do not have crooked teeth.

When can a wisdom tooth be removed?

Wisdom teeth usually begin to surface during young adulthood, between ages 18 and 22. Oftentimes, dentists will tell patients with surfacing wisdom teeth that they need to be removed, since wisdom teeth can crowd existing teeth by forcing them to scrunch together.

Is it normal for your teeth to hurt after wisdom teeth extraction?


Does everyone have to get their wisdom teeth removed?

Nope! Not at all. In fact the normal standard complement of teeth include the four last molars also called wisdom teeth. Only in cases where the wisdom teeth do not come out properly or cause pain or is cause of repeated infection of the area, do dentist remove them.