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Is it normal to have strong pains while being pregnant?


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I am not a physician but I have had this problem. I was almost four months pregnant before I knew it because I had a period ALL NINE MONTHS! My doctor said that it wasn't common but not unheard of. He said it was probably because of my age (38) when I got pregnant and also that I was on a strong anti-biotic while taking "the pill." I would definitely talk with your doctor. It didn't have any effect on the birth of my daughter which we now refer to as our "miracle baby." I would visit a doctor immediately to find out why are you bleeding. Implantation Bleeding only occurs a week after conception, but low placenta's can cause bleeding so a lot of rest, no lifting and no exercise is recommended. If you are very early into the pregnancy then you may be lacking progesterone, doctors can provide you with medication which is safe to take whilst pregnant.


Every women is different some women have periods while pregnant and not even know . you could go to the doctors and have a blood test to find out if your pregnant. I had Implantation bleeding 2 weeks after got my period I could be pregnant but instead I just ignore it my period pattern have change ever since I had implantation bleeding as well . Some women have periods in the first few months in pregnancy or throughout pregnancy

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