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Noses come in many shapes, so ''normal noses'' do not exist.

nose dropper (ask it in the pharmacy)

Yes, it can be normal for a dog's nose to be dry to the touch.

normal, everyone has hair on there nose(:

Well, not really. Air comes out of your nose, though. Sometimes people talk through their nose, so then sound comes out. But the normal way to talk doesn't usually include sound coming out of your nose.

yes it is completely normal.

Nose drops will help, if not, use stuffy nose medicine (dimetapp, vicks, benedrill, etc.)

No, they have intercourse the normal way, not through the nose.

Fairly certain that it is not normal for spaghetti to come out of your nose, most people do not have this problem. If you have an issue with spaghetti consistently coming out of your nose, especially if you are not laughing while eating spaghetti, please seek help from a licensed physician.

my guinea pig has white stuff coming out of her nose is this normal?

YES it will come out your nose YES it will come out your nose

Only if your nose is big enough and you have taken your anti-gravity snot medicine

why does a person pinch his nose when taking a bitter drug

It's not exactly normal for this to happen, but it's not unheard of either. Your nose and tear ducts are connected so during a nose bleed if you lean your head back some of the blood can go back upwards and come out of your tear ducts. It's also possible to breathe through your tear ducts, and you may notice when you cry your nose runs in part because of tears leaking down to the nose.

Are they old fashioned utensils for dispensing prescription medicine for ear/eye/nose infections.

Give him some runny nose medicine everyday.

no that would mean thay have hair on their nose

People pick their nose so that the stuff that collects in your nose can come out. It's not gross to pick your nose. If you eat them then it's gross! Your welcome.

Take some allergy medicine and get lots of kleenex. (the blow and wipe your nose) :D

take medicine and dress for the weather

Its not phyisically possible but you can take medicine

He took his degree as a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Paris and specialized in ear, nose and throat medicine

Only when it is cold. Otherwise, it looks like a normal everyday nose.

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