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Yes, It is very normal for milk to be released at 8 months. It is also common to have them leak at 6 months. To prevent leakage, you might want to buy pads to put in your bra so that the milk does not stain your bra. Also it helps from sticking to your bra. That can be very painful.

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Q: Is it normal to leak milk at eight months?
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Is it normal to leak milk at five months of pregnancy?

is it normal to leak milk at five months of pregnancy?

Is it normal to leak breast milk 3 -4 months in?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. It just means your body is preparing for the birth and feeding of your child.

Why leaking breast milk when breast feeding has been finished over a month ago?

Your breasts may continue to leak small amounts for a few months, this is completely normal.

Can you leak milk early in your pregnancy?

Yes, you "can" but it is not normal with first time moms. You begin making milk around week 24-26 gestation. Sometimes moms leak when they are in the shower.

Does 3 months old monkeys feed with normal milk?


How soon should breast milk begin to leak if you are pregnant?

All women are different. I didn't leak until after I started nursing. But I know women that had to wear breast pads during pregnancy. It's hard to say. I'm not sure what the "normal" time frame is every woman is different. And there it is hard to tell what is "normal" when it comes to pregnancy. I am 27 weeks pregnant and i have been leaking here and there for two weeks. To be honest, I am almost 8 months pregnant and I noticed that I began leaking as early as 5 months. Your milk won't come in until a few days after you have the baby, but your body begins producing colostrum at about 4 months. Some women can leak colostrum, or pre-milk, as early as that time, or some may not begin to leak until after they have the baby.

I have never had a let down with breast milk is this normal and my baby is 3 and a half weeks old and i never leak.?

Its normal......this mainly depends on the amount of milk your baby drinks. At what intervals do you feed your baby?

When your breasts start to leak should it be in the middle of your nipple or is it normal to be off-center?

It's normal to leak off-center since your nipples actually have several milk ducts instead of just a centered one.

Why does white liquid leak from nipples?

it means that ur producing milk, ready to breatsfeed in the couple of months after giving birth.

Are you supossed to leak milk after being dryed up for 9 months?

Yes, if you've been pregnant, it's common.

Is it normal to leak breast milk at 32 weeks pregnant?

my mom did and so has many people that i know. i think that it is hormones.

What does it mean if you leak colostrum?

Some women at the mere end of their pregnancy start to leak colostrum. This is just a sign that their breasts are ready for milk production. It's completely normal to be experiencing this.

What causes nipple discharge?

this depends. if you have had a baby before, sometimes your breasts still leak milk. if you are young, your nipples sometimes give out a milk like discharge, which is totally normal.

In pregnancyis it normal to have breast growth without soreness?

yes, the mammaries are getting ready to produce milk and it is not unusual to leak milk in the 8 and 9 month. joymaker rn

Is it normal to leak milk?

Do you mean in your body or a milk carton? As I know from experience your body shouldn't be leaking white stuff. If it is a carton or container of milk it is O.K. as it will evaporate and reform around the container. Or it may be a hole.

Do you have to be pregnant to produce or leak milk?

You'd have to give birth to young first before you produce or leak milk.

Do girls breasts leak milk?

No because it only leaks when you give birth.

Is it normal to leak milk after miscarriage?

Yes. I began leaking a couple of days after my d&c and I was only 10weeks at the time I miscarried.

You nursed your baby for four months you dried up but now 4 months later you are making milk why?

I nursed my baby till she was 4 months old then I dried up. She is now 8 months old and I just started to produce milk again. Is this normal or am I prego again?

Is it normal for your nipples to leak clear fluid during pregnancy?

It can happen in some women. It has to do with producing milk. Yes, there is a clear sometimes whitish fluid that may leak out during the 2nd-3rd trimesters of your pregnancy. It is a fluid that the breast sometimes releases having to do with breast milk development

Leaking breast milk in the 7th month of pregnancy?

This is completely normal, usually breast milk will start to leak around 12-14 weeks but will not be fully prominent until around the birth of the baby.

Can you feed a baby cow normal milk?

What is normal milk?

Is it normal for a woman seven months pregnant to have leaking breasts?

yes, it is normal.the first milk is called "collustrum", after the baby is born, but it is also a normal ocurrence, for it to leak out prior to the baby being born. but if you still have any concerns, please see your m.d . bonetec. Yes it is very normal. I even experienced it earlier than seven months. The more children you have the sooner some of the symptoms may come. Not only will you be leaking but you may experience your breast throbbing as well. All is normal.

How long do puppies need mothers milk?

About until they are 6 months old or about until they get eyes.Answered By:an unknown girl.Answer:Puppies should be weaned (off their mother's milk) by six to eight WEEKS of age, not months.

Should your breasts leak while pregnant?

My breasts started leaking at around 7 months. It's your milk ducts getting ready for you to nurse the baby.