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Yes this is normal. You will need to use a condom for the next month so the new BCP builds up in your system and prevents pregnancy.

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Q: Is it normal to miss a period after starting a new birth control prescription?
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Starting birth control on the first day of period stop the period?

Yes it can result in stopping your period but don't worry as this is perfectly normal.

Is it normal for your period to start a little early?

Yes, If you are just beginning birth control or starting a new birth control it can cause a period to be early or a little late

Is it normal for your period to be longer when you start the pill?

No. it is not right. if your periods get longer as a result of starting on the pill it means that an adjustment needs to be made in your prescription.

After starting birth control how long does your first period last?

It depends on the type of birth control. Sometimes after starting it, it could be longer than normal, and sometimes it will disappear the first month. Sometimes it will be normal, and sometimes is will be shorter.

You will be starting a new birth control packet on Mon but you still have your period is that normal?

yes your appose 2 have periodes

Is it normal to not have a regular period?

When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month. When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month.

Can you start you normal menstrual in the middle of a provera prescription?

Yes, you can start a normal menstrual period in the middle of a Provera prescription. Depending on your particular body and cycle, you can start your period at any point in the prescription. As your body adjusts to the medication, the flow will become lighter and often stops completely.

Is a shortened period a sign of pregnancy?

A shorter than normal period, or a lighter period, can indicate the possibility of pregnancy. Another possibility is irregular periods or recently stopping/starting birth control.

Is it normal to have a period that lasts 7 days and then 2 days later have another period your first month off birth control pills?

It's usually normal. Your periods can be irregular sometimes when starting birth control and when you first get off of it. It happens to a lot of people including me. I wouldn't worry they eill get back to normal.

Is a one day bleed normal on the pill?

This is normal on the morning after pill but it is not normal on birth control, unless this is your first period on birth control then you may experience a lighter than normal period for you.

Is it normal to miss a period when first starting birth control and haven't gotten to the inactive pills yet?

Some women do miss a period the first month of starting BCP. If your period doesnt arrive next month, see your doctor and perform a pregnancy test.

Is mild period-like cramping normal for several days when just starting birth control?

You should start birth control on the first day of your period, otherwise your period will arrive on a new day & this will slightly change your cycle. If you DID start taking birth control pill during your period then this is why you're cramping and yes, birth control can cause abdominal cramping.

Will starting birth control in the middle of your cycle delay your next period?

Starting a hormonal birth control pill in the middle of your cycle is likely to delay the next period.

Is your period supposed to be normal after getting off birth control?

Everyone starts getting their period after birth control eventually.

Is it normal to be late on your period while taking birth control?

Yup, very normal

Is it normal to start your period 4 days late then spot a week to a week and a half after your period if your on birth control?

No this isn't normal.

Is having a fever normal for a girl starting her period?


Is it normal to just spot in place of your period after starting the pill?

Is it normal to get a erection from Margret fatcher. No.

You started your period at 8 are you normal?

Yes, Starting Your Period At 8 Is Completey Normal. You Can Start From 8-16 Years Old. x

Is it important to take birth control the first Sunday of your period?

No i don't believe so, you can take it at any time. When you get your prescription it will come with a sticker starting on each day of the week. The pack is printed starting sun but you can cover it with the sticker on which ever day you start.

You stopped taking birth control in December your period came like clock work In January and February your period was early But march your period is late Is this normal?

I stopped taking my birth control in December and in January I came on my period but in february I didnt come is this normal

Will starting the birth control pill before your period delay it?

Starting the pill before your period may delay your period, but you may also have breakthrough bleeding during the first three cycles. If starting the pill before your period, use a back up birth control method for the first seven days.

Does starting birth control in the middle of your cycle delay your period?

No. starting birth control in the middle of your cycle does NOT delay your period. I started it in the middle of mine and i was fine. it ended on the EXACT day that it was supposed to.

Is it normal to have cramps before starting your very first period?


Is it normal for a girl to be tired and get headaches when starting her first period?


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