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Hi :-) Yes, this is normal. There is no time limit for when you start your period during the sugar pills. As long as you start your period during the seven day worth of sugar pills then this is normal.

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Should my period start the first day after I am through the hormone pills in a birth control pack?

Hi, Your question is: Should my period start the first day after I am through the hormone pills in a birth control pack?Not necessarily no. Your period will arrive anytime during the 7 days when your on the placebo pills or not taking any pills.

Is it normal to start your period early if you are on the pill?

If its during the sugar pills then this is ok. However if your on the active pills then this isn't normal.

If you start your period on the first sugar pill and your period lasts 4 days do you finish the rest of the sugar pills or start taking the hormone pills again?

You should always finish your pack You should always finish your pack

Is it normal to get your period a week early after stopping birth control pills?

Yes, stopping them has the same effect as taking the pills that usually promp your body to start the period.

Do you have to take the full week of placebo pills or can you start the hormone pills part way through to stop your period?

You could start the hormones pills part way through the placebo pills to change the next month's cycle (say you would have your period on a Wednesday next month, instead of a Friday) but it would not affect the cycle you are currently on. When your uterine lining starts to shed, it sheds. For example, Yaz only has 4 placebo pills instead of 7, like some birth control brands. For many women on Yaz, they won't start their period until the last day of placebo pills. They will start their period on the last placebo and continue to have it through the first few days of the hormone pills.

If you start your green pills early can you start your period earlier?

Hello. Yes if you start your pills earlier you will start your period within four weeks. If you miss any pills, you will start your period earlier.

Is it normal to start your period 2 weeks early when on birth control pills?

no this is NOT normal, maybe you have forgotten the pill or miscalculated.

Is it normal for your period to start four days after taking a 21 days contraceptive pills?


Is it normal to be spotting heavily a week before your period when you have missed 4 pills in a row and are having sex?

Yes. Missing birth control pills can make you start your period.

Is it normal for your period to start a few days after starting a new pack of pills if you skipped the last week of pills in your last pack to delay your period?

Yes this is normal but do a pregnancy test to be sure it isn't pregnancy related.

Is it normal to not start your period on the first day of placebo pills?

Yes. Most people will see the withdrawal bleeding start between the second and fifth days of placebo pills.

Is it normal for your period to start one the first day of the sugar pill instead of second which it normally does?

It is normal to start bleeding at any time during the sugar pills.

Do you start your period immediately when the sugar pills start?

You don't have to, my period comes 2 days into the sugar pills.

If you start the pill on the first day of your period when you have finished that pack do you immediately start the next one?

If you have finished with the pills and the faux pills, had your period, then you start the new set of pills after the last day of your period.

Can you stop taking your sugar pills before they run out?

Yes, as long as you start taking the hormone pills when you are supposed to. The sugar pills are just to keep you in the habit and make sure you start the hormone pills on the correct day. If you are stopping taking pills altogether you need not take any sugar pills at all.

How long do you have to wait after stopping taking the pill to start trying for a baby And what is classed as a Normal period if you have been on the pill for several years?

depending on how long you have been on the pills or contraceptive method i would say a year minimum and a normal period is the scheduled one that you have when you start taking the pills or method

Is it normal for you period to start at different times each month when on birth control?

Providing it arrives when on the 7 day break or sugar pills then this is normal.

Is it normal not to start you're period on the pill jazz?

It is normal for many women not to have monthly breakthrough bleeding while taking Birth Control Pills.

What happens to your menstrual cycle if you start birth control pills two Sundays after period ended?

you will get your period when you start taking your "period" placebo pills in your pack

Can you shorten your period once it starts?

The only way to shorten your period once it starts is to start a new pack of birth control pills. By taking your pills earlier than normal, your period will wane and stop earlier than it was supposed to.

Is it normal to not get your preidod on the schedualed sugar pills?

Yes, it is normal. Different pills react with different bodies in all sorts of ways. If however, you not knowing when your period is going to be bothers you, go and see your doctor, and you can discuss getting a different pill with altered hormone levels. It took me going through 3 different kinds of birth control to find one that would actually let my period start during the placebo week.

When will you start your period if you are on birth control and you are on the final week for that packet of pills which is the week you take placebo pills?

It really depends on the person and how long you've been taking the pills for. Some people will start their period the day or the day after they start taking the placebo pills. Some will start within 3 or 4 days, and some will start the day before they are to resume the regular pills. If you just started taking the pills, your period may be very irregular for the first couple months (usually regulated by month 3). Just continue to take the pills on a normal basis and you should be regulated soon.

When you start your period do you stop taking the hormone pills and start taking birth control pills again?

It depends with the reason you were taking the hormone pills in the first place, if you were on them because you missed your periods and they were supposed to regulate them, its safe you only stick to those hormonal pills for the time being. Hormonal pills and birth control pills both contain synthetic versions of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone that work to change the way your natural body hormones work so that your body responds to normal functions; ovulation/ pregnancy. So since both of them are hormone changing pills, they have different functions which could mess up your body in a drastic and unhealthy way. So, see a doctor just to make sure if you can, just Incase the kinds of pills you are taking are not high in estrogen.

While on birth control pills do you usually start your period by the time you take the sugar pills?

You start your period when on the sugar pills. Your period should start within three days of your first sugar pill - the exact time will differ from woman to woman.

Is bleeding when you skipped a seven day gap of your contraception pills normal?

Yes this is very normal let your period continue and after it is complete start a new pack. No worries