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It is very normal to have the pains you are having. I do not know how pregnant you are to say what the pains might be but I do know they are normal. It is probably just gas and you do not know it or it can be false labor if you are 6 months or more pregnant. It's hard to determine the pains and what kind they are. I do know pains on the side of your abdomen that hurt more when you turn or stretch a certain way are just your ligaments around your abdomen stretching because your uterus is growing with your beautiful baby inside. Sometimes if you get on all fours and rock back and forth that can relieve some pain and gas. It worked for me. Hope it works for you.

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Q: Is it normal to wake up with lower back and abdominal pain in the middle of the night that will go away if you get up and walk around?
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You get bad pain in your lower abdominal is this normal during pregnantcy?

Let's hope. I had an early miscarriage which had started with lower abdominal pain. I hope you are okay please if it gets worse see your GP.

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no it is not normal you should see a doctor Maybe a urinary track infection

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Yes, light cramping is normal so in lower abdominal pain. Remember your uterus is stretching out.

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The most common cause of pain in the left lower abdominal region is constipation. Other causes may include conditions of the ovary (including normal ovulation) and a host of others. See your health care provider if you have abdominal pain.

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Lower abdominal pain can have an extremely wide range of causes. Some of the causes of lower abdominal pain are: pregnancy, appendicitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

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