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If your oil level is where it should be and If it just for a short time yes, because the oil has not reached the top of the engine from the sump thus causing the noise due to lack of lubrication... It should go away in a matter of a few seconds as soon as there is oil flowing over the valve train and chains. If it is lasting more like a minute i would get concerned something is blocking the oil pick up tube or the oil pump is faulty and oil is not getting up as fast as it should. Just about all cars make a short ticking noise in the begginig especially if they are high on miles... The joy of hydraulic lifters! As it's a 2002 model it has probably been serviced using synthetic oils. If it's done over 60K miles it's probably worth getting an engine flush at the next service. Over time the lifters get 'sticky'. It is good for freeing the sediments from the oil galleries and bearing surfaces too.

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Q: Is it normal when starting Jaguar S Type 2002 3 cc engine cold a ticking sound occurs until warm?
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Is slight ticking idle normal for Honda civic?

That slight ticking sound is probably the injectors firing which is normal.

Why does your 2000 Chevy cavalier z24 have a ticking sound?

If the ticking sounds like a "normal" ticking, it is probably the fuel injectors.

Why does your car make a ticking sound when turn on the engine?

The tinking sound if it is a light sound is probably the fuel injectors working which is normal but I would check the oil level and make sure it is full first it could be lifters ticking or clattering.

What is the ticking noise in the engine in a Subaru?

A normal ticking is the fuel injectors opening and closing, a very loud ticking with bad mileage and poor performance may be a sticky lifter, aka hydraulic valve lash adjuster. If the latter try something like Marvel's Mystery Oil or another sticky lifter nostrum before launching into a difficuly and expensive replacement.

What causes a ticking sound in the Kia Optima engine?

It is normal in cold weather, it's just the knock sensors. If however, it still ticks after engine is warmed up, e.g after driving for 20-25 minutes, get someone to look at it.

The check engine light is on in your 1998 Ford Explorer there is a faint ticking and noise coming from the engine what is it The oil and transmission fluid was just changed before the light came on?

The check engine light is not related to the oil or the transmission fluid systems. It is related to fuel control, computer, emmissions control systems. The faint ticking you hear may just be the normal noise coming from the fuel injectors. All fuel injectors make some kind of ticking noise while they operate. I would say, if the check engine light has anything to do with the services performed, it would almost have to be a simple connector that may have been unplugged to move a wire out of the way, and then forgotten. Otherwise, I believe it would have to be a coincidence. Even if the ticking noise is a lifter in te engine, that still would not cause a check engine, and would not be the fault of someone changing the oil, as long as the oil is full.

How do you fix the cars carborator when its sucking air?

It is normal for a carburetor to "suck air" when you are starting the engine or while the engine is running. You should stop the engine before repairing the carburetor for safety reasons.

How many cubs can a Jaguar have?

Jaguars can have 1 but the normal is 4.

Power sterig fluid for Jaguar 1988?

Normal not synthetic.

1999 Honda accord's motor ticks when its idling is this normal?

It could be a sticking valve lifter. If you didn't hear it before, it should be investigated. Ticking is not normal.

Is it normal to see battery and oil light turn on before starting engine?

Yes. That's part of the ECU self-test.

Does super unleaded gas give you more miles per gallon than regular?

In a normal engine, no. In a high performance engine, maybe.In a normal engine, no. In a high performance engine, maybe.

1989 ford f150 4x4 check engine light light on for 1-2 min when starting cold and rpm's low. never on when warm any ideas?

its normal for the ck engine light to be on during this time as it is running it engine cks

What is the normal engine operating temperature for a 3306 cat engine?

The normal engine operating temperature, for a 3306 Caterpillar diesel engine, is 180 degrees. The engine should not be operated at temperatures above 200 degrees.

Is it normal for the engine cooling fan to run after the engine is shut down new fuel pump and radiator installed?

Yes it is normal if you have an electric fan. The fan will run until the engine temp lowers to normal.

Is it normal for the electronic vacuum pump on a 1986 Pontiac 6000 2.8 mfi engine to 'run' just before starting the vehicle?

Yes it is priming the system

What could cause an engine to 'tick'?

The "tick" of the engine is caused by the pre-ignition in the chamber before it reaches the spark plug. Because the gas is combusting before it reaches the spark plugs, this is causing the "tick" noise. Recommend using a higher grade of fuel "mid-grade" Have you checked your oil lately? If not check it and if it is low add more and the ticking should go away. are you sure you are not hearing the normal noise of the fuel injectos doing their job? a properly-working fuel injector will make a clicking noise. Some times you can hear it while driving in a quiet place, or when the engine is running and you are under the hood. THAT is a normal sound. answer not pre-ignition. ticking sound is more likely to be a small exhaust manifold leak. or a sticky hydraulic lifter, an engine flush and oil change will fix it ANSWER FROM DAN the ticking noise may be your lifters if you put new oil in and the ticking does not go away try tightening your lifters. you may want to take the car to a garage because you could wreck more than help if you over tighten. or don't fit gasket correctly.

Where is the engine size marked on the engine?

normal on the front face of the engine or the right hand side of the engine

Why is my 2003 jeep grand Cherokee 4.0l ticking when warmed up?

You may be hearing the vacuum pump near the driver side fender...which is normal

Is the black Jaguar stronger than a regular jaguar?

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Is clicking noise in a Chrysler 3.2L engine normal?

I have the same car with the same clicking noise right after you start the engine. The noise stops shortly after starting. There was a recall from Chrysler for this problem. Contact your local dealer regarding this matter.

The engine temp on my 1997 Chevy cavalier is 195 after warm up is this normal?

Yes it is normal. That is the temperature that the engine was designed to operate.

How does a Bollinger engine work?

The engine is a 2 stroke 'semi' diesel. Inlet and exhaust are as per 'normal' two stroke diesel but the injected fuel is not ignited by compression alone as in a normal diesel. Instead a 'hot bulb' on the cylinder head is heated with a blow-lamp before starting and heat from this, transferred to a tube in the combustion chamber which ignites the fuel to start the engine. Once running the engine itself maintains the temperature. Often called a Hot Bulb Engine.

Is white discharge normal after starting birth control?

yes it is completely normal.

What should the tire pressure be for a 1993 XJ6 jaguar?

"comfort" = 28psi "normal" = 32psi