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Generally speaking, the mother cat will not allow the father cat near the kittens.

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Q: Is it ok if the dad cat comes near the newborn kittens?
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What is a newborn cat called?


Does a cat ever eat her newborn kittens after you touch them?

no of coarse not

When can you handle newborn kittens?

Answer: If the mother cat trusts you, then right away.

Can you worm a cat if she is still nursing kittens?

i sure hope so because my cat ate some of my dog's food which had wormer in it and she is nursing her newborn kittens!

How long does it take for a newborn kittens to become kittens?

I takes about 8 weeks for the newborn to become a full grown kitten. And about 8 to 9 month for the kitten to become a juvenile (young) cat. By this time though, it is not a "full" grown cat.

Why are my cats newborn kittens dying?

your cat may have a disease. or is just unable to carry kittens. either that or the father might have a disease. a disease that makes them unable to have kittens. you should take your cat to the vet to see why.

What do you feed a Newborn mouse or newborn rat brought home by cat?

If you care about it , you can feed it warm puppy or kittens milk using an eyedrop bottle.

What does it mean when your cat makes a weird sound whenever her kittens come near her?

She is just greeting her kittens.

How many kittens do a cat regularly have?

A cat can have 5 litters in 1 year and each litter can have 5-9 newborn kitties! :D

When a cat has kittens when does the placenta come?

Placenta comes out after each kitten.

What to do when missing cat comes home after 2 weeks?

see if it had kittens

How soon after having kittens should you move cat?

The best idea is to leave the cat there until the cat comes out.

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