Is it ok to feed a 6 week old puppy milk?

2nd Answer:

A 6 week old puppy is old enough to be fed dry puppy food (be sure to use a good name brand of puppy food). No milk of any kind is needed at this age. Never feed cow's milk or cream, will cause diarrhea. If you feel you have to put some type of milk over the dry food, use canned milk mixed one part water to one part canned milk. But at 6 weeks old, just use a good name brand dry puppy food. Feed it dry or with a little warm water over it. That is all the puppy needs. NO CREAM or Cow's milk.

1st Answer:

I'm not an expert, but my dog was 6 weeks when we got him, and he drank warm cream every night for weeks. He just turned 8.

I also used cream on his puppy food to soften it.

Yes you can. The dogs living on dairy farms get tons of milk to drink.