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genius guy, trust me DONT DO IT!

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What does it mean if a girl you've gone out with twice wants you to meet her friends?

It means that she wants her friends opinion on you. That way, she can have a better idea if she wants that third date w/ you!

You meet a girl that said to you the first time you meet there was a spark what does this mean?

well if you are a boy and you see something that means you are in love and if you are a girl you are friends

When jimi Hendrix meet girl friends?

After Concerts were one example

Can arabians take their girl friends to meet their parents?

NO its too embarrassing for them

How do you as a girl to meet up as friends without making it sound like you want something more?

suggest it as a group date but then when you're there snag some personal time with your crush :)

Where does an 18 year old girl meet guys?

School or out with friends. Everywere

When you request a girl to meet but girl saywhy you are meet me what will you say her?

You need to be clear about what you want. If you are looking for a date, make sure she knows that. If she says no, that is her answer and you should ask some other girl.

Where did michael jackson meet lisa presley?

They met at a mutual friends house.

If girl takes you on a date to meet her mum what does that mean?

you're going to die

If a girl asks for your number the first time you meet her does she like you or just want to be friends?

completely depends...where you meet her and if she is single

Did Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber date?

No they did not date. They are just but they have meet each other before on crush week for nickalodeonNo, he did not.

How do you ask a girl to a dance if your friends hate her?

you can ask her in private . whenever you meet her alone or tell your friends that you like that girl .if they are your true friends they'll understand your feelings. and might they'll accept her has your friend.

What happened in the beginning of Chasing the Falconers?

Aiden had meet a girl that came from his house

If you like a girl who only wants to be friends what do you do?

Respect her wishes. Be patient. You will eventually meet another girl that will make both of you happy.

How are people suppost to go out with friends?

Send an invitation, fix a date. Agree and meet. discuss about life.

What if a guy wants you to meet his parents on the first date?

Then he's rushing the relashonship. It's not right to have a girl meet a guy's parents on the first date. You don't even now that much about that person.

What is the name of the movie in which the girl gets to meet her favourite celebrity?

Win A Date With Tad Hamiliton.

What could you do to get a girl to like you?

You Can show her that you are mature enough to date her and you need to get good grades in school and you need to be a good kid and not a bad kid because girls like the boys that respect all of her friends and her. a girl would like it if you got to meet her parents.

Should you go to a guys place on the first date?

Only if its to meet his parents. Only invite him into your house on the first date if its to meet your parents. Other than that you shouldn't do that on the first dat (in my opinion)

When is the end of house of Anubis?

I think some how patricia will reunite with joy and mick and mara will be friends again i also think alfie and amber will date and fabien and Nina will date Im not positive but mabey jerome and his parents will meet again Lastly i think Victor will tell the truths to unlock the secrets about the house By breanna

How did tobymac meet his wife?

I saw on GMC in the personal thing that it was a blind date ordeal. One of his friends said hey there's a new girl you should meet. This occured at Liberty University in Virginia and he said she had an attitude that drew him directly to her. She left him at one point but he cancelled several dc Talk concerts and stayed at her house in Jamaica for a month straight until she took him back.

How do I ask my parent if I can go to a friends house.?

Well that is a bit too over. Best to do is to invite your friend over to your house for your parent to meet him or her.

Where should you meet up with your friends and girlfriend?

movies, mall, someones house, party. anywhere really.

Should your parents meet your friends parents before you go to their house?

only if the friend is opposite sex

What if your aunt tried to arrange a wife for you Are you free to date whomever or sleep with a different girl until you meet the girl your aunty advertised for The girl is in a different country?

No, you are NOT free to do that.