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That's probably a decision you and your doctor should make. If you and the baby are both healthy and you are very careful and don't get wild, then it is probably fine to ride it. But a fall from a 4 wheeler could be very dangerous. And at 6 months, your balance probably isn't as good as it normally is. Be careful if you are going to ride it. I would suggest holding off on riding until the baby is born. When riding the four-wheeler, it could really mess up the baby. Better safe than sorry.

-- No, you should not ride a 4wheeler when you are that far along , that causes risks for you and your baby. All the bumps and crazy riding is not suitable for a 6 month old pregnant woman. If your just taking a smooth ride it should be fine but either way I wouldn't take any chances . -Abp,♥

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โˆ™ 2010-08-16 19:58:38
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Q: Is it ok to ride a 4-wheeler when you are 6 months pregnant?
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