Is it ok to take out anger on a child?

* No, definitely not! It's bad for both you and the child. * As you know it's extremely difficult being a parent as each child is very different in personality. If you child doesn't pay attention to you or, they go into fits of rage it's always wise to take them to a pediatrician or your family doctor to see if there is a physical reason for this. Example: My sister-in-law thought her five year old son was just ignoring her, but it turned out he couldn't hear her and had to have tubes (shunts) put in his ears for a short period of time and then his hearing improved. If the child is physically well then you have to take the individual personality of that child and decide what punishment is best suited for them. Example: Taking privileges away from one child may work while it doesn't work on another child. Since spankings went out the window in some States (spanking laws are back in Canada) this makes it more difficult for parents. It is important that a parent control their anger and does not punish the child when they are at the end of their rope as this causes unnecessary harm to the child and yourself. Parents shouldn't be angry at someone else or because they had a particularly bad day and take that anger out on the child. Parents are to guide their children when young and to teach them all they can and one good lesson is learning that they they have to be responsible for their own actions (a little at a time of course.) A parent does this by being consistent with whatever punishment works for the individual child. This shows the child that they can't have it all their own way and slowly, but surely also teaches them to have respect for their peers.