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If you want to wear diapers, it's up to you.

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Q: Is it ok to wear diapers as an adult for fun?
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Is it ok for adults to love to wear diapers?

You are an adult. You don't need anyone's permission to wear diapers, if that's what you want to do!

Can people wear diapers in swimming pool?

Cloth diapers are ok, but disposable diapers in a pool will brake apart and damage the pool filters. That is why children have disposable "Swim diapers". There are even Adult "Swim diapers" now, so if you have that problem, then buy "Swim diapers".

Is it ok for ten year olds to wear diapers?

i am 10 and i wear diapers at night because i wet the bed so its sort of ok only if you wet the bed

Should you use diapers for fun?

By fun, do you mean just to wear and play with? Then, its a little odd, but it's ok as long as no one else needs them (if there is a shortage or something). It is actually common for children ages 6-9 to play with diapers.

Is it ok for an adult to wear diapers?

Of course it is. Many adults like myself have medical issue the make bladder and/or bowel control an issue (bladder in my case). Without Adult Diapers I would be wetting myself constantly. Additionally there are those adults who wear diapers for fun (I.e. they choose to wear them just because). I don't see them as any "weirder" then people who enjoy lingerie or dress up, or any other thing that I would beat 90% of the US dose in their bedrooms behind closed doors.

Is ok if a parent changes a 10 year olds diapers?

It is fine for your child to wear diapers but you schould not change your 10 year olds diapers. He should do it on his own.

Is it ok to like diapers and rubber pants?

Yes This Means You Are A Diapr Lover And Probably An Adult Baby i had to wear diapers and rubberpants under my communion dress when i was 15 and i liked wearing them. they made me feel cute and little girlish

Is it ok to wear diapers at 13 year old?

Yes. It is generally used if a person has a disorder.

What is a teen way of asking a parent for diapers?

first thing i dont think teens wear diapers and why would they BRO. write on my message board please my names 123messwithme. OK MY BRO DO U WEAR TEEN DIAPERS HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!

Is it ok for 13 year olds to were diapers for fun?

Yea tons u never go to the toliet

Is it ok to wear an adult diaper on a date?

I think you need to wear more than that. (especially if it's cold)

Is it ok to wear a surgical mask around your girlfriend?

yes it is ok if your girlfriend loves you for who you are and she also likes to wear them for fun then yes go right ahead and do so

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