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I'm 5.6" tall and my short stature had always been an impediment for achieving poise and self-confidence. It was about two years ago that I met my wife and we almost instantly made connection. She is about half an inch shorter than me but I would always feel a little insecure whenever she wore sandals. This would make her look much taller than myself. Not that anything wrong with that but society collectively feeds us with some stereotypes and a guy shorter than a woman would always raise eyebrows. My wife (who back then was my girlfriend) was conscious of myself being a little uneasy. She started coaching me on improving my dress coordination and also suggested that I should try wearing those walktall shoes. Doing a little research myself I gathered some info on stretching exercises. Although it's true that exercises will not make you grow taller but it definitely helped me improve my posture. We certainly have more height hidden behind our slouched back and shabby dressing than we ever realize. There are some very basic stretching exercises and vertical fashion techniques that together can make a noticeable improvement in your height. And lastly it's all a matter of perception. It all boils down to how we perceive ourselves. A better height can add to our confidence, but again, it's our mind that perhaps makes us insecure. Some short dudes possess endless energy that makes their presence much taller than their height. yes height weight looks have no affect on how a relationship will turn out as long as you are attracted to the person and care about the person don't care what other people say and what they do you will never find true happiness if you let other people control your life and decisions you may lose out on your soul mate if you do that good luck and God Bless!!! My advice is this: take what you can get. Tall, short, whatever.

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Q: Is it okay for a boy to go out with a girl who is a little bit taller than him?
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