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Is it okay for a pregnant woman to go on a waterslide?

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NO!!! And she should not go horseback riding, or on any other slides! It depends how pregnant you are. Early on if you are having no problems you will be ok, up to about 20 weeks. As for horse-riding, if it is something you do regularly you can do it as long as you are comfortable, it is not something you shouldtake up in pregnancy. Incidentally horseback riders are often very good in labor as they have good control of the pelvic floor.

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Can pregnant woman go tanning?

Yes. Pregnant woman can go tanning.

Would you be pregnant if the sperm did not go inside?

How does it works does the sperm needs to go inside a girl to get pregnant if not are we okay if it doesn't go inside

Roller Coaster Tycoon how to build a waterslide?

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Can pregnant women go swimming?

Yes, it is safe for a pregnant woman to swim.

What are some activities for a pregnant woman?

There are many activities that a pregnant woman can participate in. A pregnant woman can watch movies, go for a walk around the block or at a park, walk the dog or even still do light exercises.

Can an unmarried pregnant woman move out of Pennsylvania?

Yesh. But She Cant Go By Plane. Pregnant Women Cant Go On Planes.

Is it okay for a male to ejaculate inside a pregnant woman?

The general rule is, you can do anything that was part of your routine. Many doctors will ask that you stop a few weeks before your due date, but otherwise, go for it.

Can your girlfriend get pregnant if you rubbed her vagina with your hands?

No... in order for a woman to get pregnant, your PENIS has to go IN her vagina.

Can a woman go though pregnant symptoms and not be pregnant?

Yes, she can. But a test will clear any doubt.

Can 12 weeks pregnant woman go in the aeroplane?


Why should pregnant women go to jail?

If a woman commits a serious crime while she is pregnant, she still has to go to jail. Pregnancy does not allow a woman to get away unpunished if she commits crimes while pregnant. "You commit the crime, you do the time".

How can hormones be used to control the fertility of a woman?

Just go to a doctor and ask. hormones can control the fertility of woman by fsh what stops a woman getting pregnant or oestrogen what helps a woman get pregnant. fsh can be found in the pills what women take and it stops them getting pregnant

What should you do if you are scared to take the pregnant test?

you should toughen up because there is nothing wrong with wanting to know if you are pregnant because how else do you think you will find out if you are pregnant! you want it's okay go ahead! you should toughen up because there is nothing wrong with wanting to know if you are pregnant because how else do you think you will find out if you are pregnant! you won't it's okay go ahead!

What hormone is given to a pregnant woman to make her go into labor?


Can a woman who has yellow discharge get pregnant?

yes they can and if you do go and get checked

Can someone be pregnant and not know?

It isn't very common but it does happen that a woman can go into labor, never knowing she was pregnant.

Is possible to get pregnant if a man nut inside a woman and the woman go to the bathroom the next day?

It is definitely possible to get pregnant that way. A woman going to the bathroom has no effect on whether or not she will get pregnant. A woman urinating after intercourse can reduce her rates of getting a urinary tract infection, but it has no effect on pregnancy.

Can pregnant woman go tanning bed?

No because it can will make have uterine contraction.

Can pregnant woman go to a concert?

Yes. She can enjoy concert as any one does.

Is going in a high altitude elevator harmful for pregnant women?

No. It is not harmful for pregnant woman to go in high altitude elevator.

Do snakes go blind if they see a pregnant woman?

I heard about this MYTH when I was a child ! LOL ! !

Can a pregnant woman go to a car race?

Just because shes pregnant doesn't mean she cant go out and have some fun, i see it all the time because i race.

If a minor is pregnant by an adult can the adult go to jail even if the minors parents are okay with the pregnancy?

Absolutely, for Statutory Rape.

Can a woman get pregnant a week after her period?

go to a library and read up on the subject, or get a pregnancy kit

Can a man with low sperm count and a single testicle get a woman pregnant?

well you can but you will have to go hard out