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Is it okay for your period to skip more than a year?

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only if you are in your 40-50 years--- if younger see a doctor good luck joymaker rn

2007-08-05 13:56:53
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Q: Is it okay for your period to skip more than a year?
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Is it okay to skip your period more than once?

if you're pregnant.

Is it okay if your period is brown for more than 1 day?


Is it normal for your period to skip months?

It is possible for your period to skip a month or two, but if you skip more than 4 months or so, you might be pregnant or there is something wrong with your horomones, or you might just be stressed out about your period skipping months. If anything you should go see a doctor, he might help you.

Is there anything you can take to stop periods as you are going away for the weekend?

No. The body functions on its own schedule. You can't stop your period any more than you can change your eye color. The above answer is totally untrue. Of course you can skip periods, I do it all the time. You need to be on the pill, and then all you do is skip the week of the pill when you would normally have your period (the sugar pill) and go right to the start of the next month. And my doctor said its fine to do it as long as you dont skip more than 2 or 3 without letting yourself have a period. i never have a period all summer....

How can you skip your period that's less than a month away but your not on bc?

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Do you count days for a missed period from the day of your last period or from the day you took out your NuvaRing late?

I always count from the day of your period. Taking it out late is okay as long as you don't hve it in for more than 4 weeks.

I haven't started my period but i spotted blood will i start soon?

Spotting can be a sign a period is about to start. If you skip more than one period and only see spotting, see a doctor to make sure you are not pregnant or have a health issue that needs attention.

Can a period be delayed by a month?

yes, you just need to be on the contraceptive pill and skip the 'sugar' pills in the 28 day cycle which contain no hormones, and you can skip it for several months. Apparently, you shouldn't do this for more than a couple of months at a time, because it is not healthy.

Is it okay to remain taking the active birth control pill and never have your period?

Yes, but don't it more than twice in a row. It could mess you up if you do.

Can you get pregnant if you skip your placebo pills?

Skipping the placebos to skip your period:Does not cause harmLowers, rather than increases, the chances of getting pregnantDoesn't interrupt your protection

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When you first start your period and are a virgin is it normal to skip a period and then have really heavy cramps and bleeding?

That's perfectly normal. During the first one to two years, periods can be very irregular. You may skip one or two months, or have one light period, and a heavy one next. If you miss more than three periods in a row, though, I suggest seeing your doctor.

If you have experienced white mucus in your underwear more than once more than two weeks ago and if you have not had your period yet what is it a sign of?

that's a sign of the period coming either after 8 months since it's beginning or 16 months and that's okay it happens with every girl :) and it will keep happening even when you have the period . so don't worry .

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Is it normal to have your period when you have skipped the placebo birth control pills to skip that months period?

Skipping the placebo pills does not work for everyone. Although this is a commonly used method there is a SMALL perecentage of women who find that doing this causes them to have a period which is longer than usual and experience more cramping.

What is wrong when your period is over but you still bleed?

Your period is defined by the period of time that you are bleeding whether you are cramping or not. If you are still bleeding then your period is not over. However, if you continue bleeding for a prolonged period of time, say for more than a week, you might consider seeing your doctor just to make sure everything is okay.

If I am treated for chlamydia will I be okay?

More than likely you will be OK.

What pill can you take to bring on your period earlier?

There is no such pill. Your period is part of your menstrual cycle, you cannot speed-up your cycle or skip phases of your cycle to make your period start earlier than it is due.

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Period 10 days late negative pregnancy test?

There are several reasons why you might skip a period one month:Age - If you have just started having your period, it might not come every month. If you are an older woman who is approaching menopause, (when your periods stop), you might also skip a period.Exercise - Excessive exercise might cause you to skip a period.Stress - Stress and highly emotional times in your life may cause you to miss a period or two.Illness - If you are sick, you might also miss a period.Excessive weight loss- including anorexiaIf you miss more than a period or two (if you have been having regular periods previously), contact your health care provider.It also comes down to this: Did u have sex???If u did, u might have to wait a little longer....maybe a couple more weeks.

What happens if you skip your period for only a few days then start taking the sugar pills again?

Nothing special happens, other than, perhaps, rescheduling your period. There's no increased risk of pregnancy. Just remember never to go more than seven days without taking an active pill.

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