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Yes it is. Combining different decks can give you an edge and spice up your stragety. Trust me it does!!

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โˆ™ 2009-05-18 17:10:43
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Q: Is it okay to combine two or more Yu-Gi-Oh structure decks?
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The answer to this question is of personal preference. Structure Decks are generally more preferred by Players as they are more well-built around a theme and will usually have more potential than a Starter Deck. This is because Starter Decks are mostly based on actual anime characters and their Decks. As the anime characters usually have random cards that do not work together as well as they could, the Starter Decks revolve the same way (with an exception for Starter Deck: Jaden which revolves around the Elemental Hero series and is more well-built). In contrast, Structure Decks follow a general theme are easier to build up on with booster packs. This allows the cards to be played more efficiently and strategically as they are related to one another.

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How many cards can you have in a Yugioh deck in the old rules?

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Can you attack more than once in yugioh in 1 turn?


Are Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon similar?

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You were wonder how come no one in Yugioh the trading card game runs intection fairy lily and jinzo?

As the Monarchs came out, decks became rather crowded with monsters requiring one tribute. The Monarchs just tended to be more efficient. Lily has never been a particularly viable card.

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In yugioh can you attack your opponents life points more than once if you have more cards on the field?


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A compound is formed when two or more materials chemically combine. If two materials combine physically, it is known as a mixture.

Should you combine your zombie and Gemini Yugioh deck?

depend on if the cards have effects that negate others (pot of greed vs. magic jammer) or if you have more then 60 cards after you combine it but over all its your choice cause if you completely suck then i would suggest you make a new deck like a toon deck or a god card deck but like i said it all you decision

What are tier 1 decks in Yugioh Ive been playing a disaster dragon type deck and ive been beating a lot of monarchs and blackwings what tiers are all these?

Tiers is a term that is used to rank certain Deck strategies as among the world's top ranking. A Tier 1 Deck is a ranking given to popular current Metagame Decks. These include Blackwing and Lightsworn Archetypes, the "Gadget Oppresion" strategy, the "Quickdraw" Turbo Deck, and many more.Blackwings are labeled as Tier 1, being extremely popular currently, fast, flexible, and dependable. Monarch Decks are labeled as Tier 2, still being quite flexible, but not quite as fast as current Metagame Synchro-based Decks.

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