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Is it okay to take 30 mgs of Adderall a day?

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Yes. I, as an adult, take thirty mgs a day for ADD. It helps with the ADD symptoms. Not as much as Ritalin did but without the severe rebound effects. I do experience minor rebound effects for which I usually grab a coffee for in the afternoon. I also tried Concerta but again the rebound was more severe than with Adderall. Good luck.

I take 30mg of regular adderall three times a day and I am 32 weeks pregnant & this was cleared with my ob/gyn due to the pregnancy categoy being "C". This is my first time on this med. I have been on it for 8 weeks or so. It really helps. My only concern is what times to take each dose so he third is worn off in time to get a good night's sleep. I am up many night's until 3 am or later. Good Luck with everything. JessicaH.

Answer Do not take adderall if you are pregnant. The medication is going right to your baby. Your doctor is wrong. You shouldn't take any medication while you are pregnant unless you will die without it or you absolutely need to take it. It is only 9 months out of your life. You are Nuts if you continue to take adderall 30mg three times a day while you are pregnant. I am a registered nurse and I know your doctor is a quack.

Yes, 30 mg. per day is a moderate dose for an adult with ADD. Don't be surprised when you have to increase that dose due to a tolerance you will develop to this medication. The Physician's Desk Reference places the maximum dose at 60 mg. per day but doctors and psychiatrists who frequently prescribe this medication know that people will develop a tolerance even to 60 mg. per day and, therefore, have prescribed over 100 mg. per day to some people. My own subjective personal opinion is that I would not go over 60 mg. per day.

2009-11-19 19:44:43
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Can you take 2 20 mg adderall at the same time?

Yes. Though it is best to follow your prescription, 40 mgs of Adderall is only 10 mgs higher than the maximum pill dosage of 30 mgs. 40 will not hurt you, just slightly intensifying the effects. As with any dose of Adderall, it should be taken early in the day.

Is 30 mgs of Adderall too much for an adult if you space them out taking 10 mgs three times a day?

I used to take 90mg of Adderall XR. That was in 30mg 3 times daily. I would say your dose is ok, pretty low and normal.

What would happen if you just started taking zoloft and then you take three 60Mg of adderall for the first time?

that is probably not a wise idea to take 180 mgs of Adderall at all

Is it dangerous to take 50 mgs of seroquel with 110 mgs of methadone?

is it dangerousfor me to take 50 mgs of seroquel with 110 mgs of methadone

Is 90mg of methadone enough for opiate addiction?

This ? gets tricky. At most clinics where i live (PA) they start you out at 20-30 mgs and then you can go up as you please from there. I take 135 mgs a day for the same reason. It is up to you to decide if you feel okay on the 90 mgs, or if you need more than that to feel okay during the day. Talk to someone at the clinic you get it from, at least, i hope you are getting it from a clinic, because if you are getting it from a dealer, 90 mgs of methadone will more than likely kill you. Good luck to you, i really do feel your pain. Once again, i am not a pharmacist, nor do i have any pharmacological training, so, be careful out there!

How many mgs if Ambien will be safe to take?

100 mgs

How do you get off Suboxone?

You decrease your dosage very slowly, over an extended period of time (at least a few weeks, but more like a few months). The slower you do it, the easier it will be. For example, if you are on 16 mgs a day (two 8 mgs pills), take 14 mgs on Sunday, 16 on Monday, 16 on Tuesday, 16 on Wednesday, 14 on Thursday, 16 on Friday, 16 on Saturday, 16 on Sunday, 14 on Monday... In other words, take your regular dose, 16 mgs, three days in a row, and on the fourth day take 14 mgs.Then, after a few weeks, start taking 14 on Sunday, 16 on Monday, 16 on Tuesday, 14 on Wednesday (16 mgs for two days, then 14 mgs on the third day).After a few weeks of that, start taking 14 mgs every other day: 14 on Sunday, 16 on Monday, 14 on Tuesday, etc., etc.After a few weeks of that, you can start going down from 14 mgs to 12 mgs, and so on and so on.

What does the medical abbreviation 500mg bid mean?

it means take 500 mgs twice a day.

What is the highest dose of Adderall perscribed?

40 mg maybe 60 mgs at most. Anyhting higher is the rare exception.

What is the average dose for Valium?

30 mgs./day

1000 IU of Vitamin D is how many mgs?

i take 50000 units vitamin d how many mgs is that

When is the best time to take seroquel day or night?

Most people like me take it a hour before bed as it does knock me out im on 400 mgs. I am schizoafective.

How much diazepam will it take to overdose?

80 mgs

How long does a 30 mg Adderall capsule stay in a human urine system?

for like 30 days hence the 30 mgs trust me im a scientest

Is adderall xr as strong as adderall?

No way....adderall is broke down immediately in the system where as the extended-release (xr) releases small amounts over a six hour period or so. I have taken both and adderall is alot more effective than xr! For the record, Adderall xr IS Adderall, lol. It has an integrated time release formula, combined with the capsule which supplements the time release. Instant release Adderall tablets have a faster onset, but their half life is significantly reduced from that of the XR. So in other words, technically yes, XRs are less potent according to dosage, but the effects are much shorter. In my personal opinion, 3 extended release Adderall has the equivalent affect of 2 instant releases, give or take a few mgs. If you take one 20mg XR, the kick will be that of a 10mg instant release.

What lasts longer Generic Adderall or Adderall XR?

Adderall XR lasts longer. The XR stands for extended release and lasts around 8-12 depending on the consumer, mg, & tolerance. Generic Adderall which is actually Adderall IR (Instant Release) only lasts for a few hours (about 4 depending on the mgs) because Adderall XR is made from 2 different "beads" which one type releases automatically n the other type releases in about 4 hours so in the end Adderall xr lasts about 8 - 12 hours. When you pay for the Adderall XR you are paying for the extended release feature. SO Adderall XR lasts longer than Adderall IR.

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How long for Lexapro to kick in?

It took me 3 weeks on 10 mgs. And another 3 weeks when doc upped to 20 mgs, but after the 20 mg dosage I was a total veg. Lazy, 2 and 3 two hour naps a day. I went back to 10 mgs for 2 weeks, then 5 mgs for 2 weeks and am now completely off. You can do it.