Is it okay to wait till your married because you know you love hard and feel its a way to protect your body and your heart and if this is done is a girl doomed to be alone in a world were sex isahobby?


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You have just uttered the words of someone that is extremely mature and thinks ahead before jumping into the fire of sexual entertainment. I never thought I've ever hear these words. Thank you! If one doesn't have pride in their inner self or their own body then how can they expect anyone else to! This doesn't mean to say everyone is bad if they have sexual experiences before marriage. More and more teens are trying very hard to practice abstinence of sex (some make it and some don't.) Sex is a beautiful thing and NEVER should be given away lightly. It is reserved for that someone special and a blending of souls which is the closest you can ever get to sharing each other. You do what you feel is right! No one need know you are a virgin unless you tell them. "Fools rush in, while the wise encircle and decide before they walk in." Don't worry about being alone. Although you may have to go through some guys to find the one that is willing to wait the wait is worth it for you! There are a lot of guys out there that are willing to go the mile (date you without sex, get engaged and married.) A survey was taken of young men and what they thought about sex and I was rather astonished at their replies. As we know young men have their hormones flying all over the place, but many of them said that one-night-stands with a girl or a girl that gave themselves up so easily really affected their relationship with them. They enjoyed the girls that would listen to them, discuss different interesting topics, have fun, laugh and enjoy life together and then they enter into a sexual relationship or get married before having sex. Of course we all know that sex eventually will come up in the conversation and communication is everything. If the guy suddenly leaves for greener pastures he was never meant to be, and if one stays then that's the guy for you. I'd wish you good luck, but I doubt you'll ever need it!

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