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you would have to get a hardship to get any job at that age but I don't know if parents would want an unexpirienced 13 year old around their children

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Im 13 and you want a job in Mckinney?

In McKinney or have to be older than 13 to have a job. most kids here just like to have fun. that's why 13yearold kids don't have a job.

How do you do your job as groom on Howrse?

Your job is automatically done every day you take care of at least one of your horses

How much does a certified day care worker make?

not much, so get a real job.

Can a 13 year old get a job at a day care if they are certified for babysitting?

Yesh i have one

What are some typical job descriptions for registered nurses?

The typical job description for registered nurse is as follows. They will generally be responsible for the day to day care of the patient, including administering medications.

What is a typical day on the job for a nurse?

You take Care of patients running back in forth to different patients every day thing in a hospital

What job besides teaching can you work with children and parents?

Youc could be a nanny or work for a day care.

What job do you work with babies?

It depends on the kind of work. If you want to help them when they're sick then you want Pediatrician. If you want to care for them you want Day Care or Babysitter.

How can the medical assistant contribute to positive patient-centered care in the physician's office?

By keeping tthe care at the highest possible level that you can offer and going above and beyon the job.

What job takes care of horses?

health-wise- an equine vet every day-wise- a stable manager

What are the job skills you need to become a pediatrician?

pediatricianTo like taking care of kids and get as much rest as possible. An MD with a specialty in Pediatrics.

Is there any way possible to get emancipated if you have a place to live a job and you continue school?

yes, consult the child care service department in your state.

How would you describe a veterinarian's job?

* most have to do surgery * work on rain * typical day for them * help care for animals and pets

Why are day care providers underpaid?

Their jobs don't require as much training or skill as many other job professions.

Is it possible to get a job before you finish getting your degree in accounting?

It's always possible to get a job.. but probably not the job you want.

What should you do if you losted your job and ihave your son private school your baby private day care and your margith?

If you lost your job and have a son in private school and a baby in private day care, you will need to reset your financial priorities. Look at other areas of your budget to cut before taking them out. You will need them in the schools when you return to work.

What is the highest paid job in health-care?


Job description for a child care worker?

It is a carers job that what it is

What was Robert Owen's job?

his job was to take care of animals

Can a 15 year old girl with a baby get a job?

== == You can get a small job, like babysitting or something but it won't pay well, also you will need to find day care which can be expensive. You could get any job available in your area for teens as long as you have someone responsible enough to take care of your child while you are at work

Where can I get a care giver job?

If you are looking for a care giving job, then you can most certainly find one in Fontana, CA. You will be care giving for children and disabled individuals.

How do you take care of your Howrse at your job?

Well if you don't take care of your horse, the horse will not age. And you should not be on howrse at your job.

Why are entry-level health care job just as important to consider as other jobs in the health care system?

A. Each job in the health care industry requires that you work your way up. B. Each job in the health care system serves a vital role in providing quality patient care. C. Each job in the health care industry receives excellent benefits. D. Each job in the health care industry pays about the same.

Is it possible to get a job in the net?

Yes. It is possible because there are websites such as that helps one find a job.

What is the Youngest age possible to get a nose job?

the lowest age possible to get a nose job is 18 years.

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