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Is it possible for a 14-year-old to be emancipated from just one parent if they are divorced?

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I'm not sure what you're asking. Is it that you want to be emancipated from one parent so that you can live with the other? If that's the case, then it's not an emancipation issue, it's a custody issue between the parents. And very few judges will consider anyone for emancipation under the age of 16, even if emancipation is allowable in the state.

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Is it possible to get emancipated from the custodial parent and not the noncustodial parent?


Could a sixteen year old get emancipated because a parent argues to much?

Sorry but this doesn't seem to be a reason to be legally emancipated. If the parent is abusive or under the influence often when arguing then it is possible.

Can a minor be emancipated from one parents without being emancipated from the other?

you need to be 14 to be emancipated. yes it is possible, but you need to make that clear when you state your case, and to the parent you want to 'keep'. 16 to be emancipated from both.

Could you be in high school without a legal parent guardian?

If you are 18 or emancipated it is possible. It rarely happens.

Can a 16year girl get emancipated to live with someone other than her parent?

It will depend on the state or country involved. It is possible to get emancipated in some places at 16, if they can support themselves.

Can the parent of a divorced underage mother make legal decisions for her?

If the underage divorced mother is below the age of emancipation in her state, the fact that she is a mother does not automatically confer emancipation on her. Therefore, her parent can legally make decisions for her until such time as she reaches legal age, or becomes emancipated.

How does a mother become emancipated from her kids?

A parent does not become emancipated from their children. A child can become emancipated from a parent under certain circumstances. A parent can lose custody of a child if a court finds that they are not fit to parent. Generally, this would be based on a finding of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

Can you get a piercing if you're emancipated?

you should because your emancipated, you don't need a parent anymore. that's whaat being emancipated is.

Is a dad who is under 18 emancipated in CA?

Becoming a parent has nothing to do with becoming emancipated so no.

Are Miley Cyrus's parent divorced?

yes, they are divorced.

Do you need parent consent to get emancipated?

You do not need parental consent to be emancipated. But it will make it more difficult and they do have to know about it.

How many divorced single parent found that being a single parent was easier over time?

well it isn't possible to come up with a specific number but, quite a few of them do

Are Chris Browns parent divorced?

Yes Chris Brown's parents are divorced.

Can a child be 20 years old going to collage living with a parent and not be emancipated?

You became emancipated naturally when you turned 18 so no.

Can you get married in tn without parent consent if your 17 and have a baby?

No, you are not emancipated.

If you were abused in an old home and sent away with another legal parent can you still get emancipated from the parent you live with now?

You can

Is a teen parent consider emancipated?

Being a parent does not make one an adult. Only age will make you an adult.

Child emanispation from parent?

If a child is emancipated, the parent or guardian no longer has any say over the minor's life.

How do you emancipate a child from child support?

Children are not "emancipated" from child support. They are "entitled" to financial support by the non-custodial parent. In general, children become emancipated by leaving their parent(s)' house and becoming self-supporting. Child support is usually not due for an emancipated child.

If you have a baby in Utah are you automatically emancipated?

No, having a baby in Utah does not mean that you are automatically emancipated. Having a baby just means that you are now a parent.

Can an emancipated minor marry an adult with parent consent in California?

An emancipated minor is legally an adult and should not require parental consent for anything.

What parent did Rosa Parks go to when they got divorced?

She went with her mother after they got divorced.

Is Hilary Duff's parent divorced?


Is it a law for a divorced parent to have one of the kids?


Is it illegal for an underage person to live with an adult who is not their parent?

no i wouldn't think so as long as you have permisson from your parent or guardian to be there or you are emancipated.