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That is very possible. It usually is caused when the dies used for stamping the coins start to wear out. The image on the die becomes mushy and starts showing double images -- especially around the letters and numbers. I could also be cause by "chattering" -- when the coin blank bounces around a little bit while being stamped. In either case these coins have no significant value.

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Q: Is it possible for a 1987 D Penny to appear to have another stamp under the D?
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Who were the first to appear on the postage stamp?

The first person to appear on a stamp was Queen Victoria. It was called the One Penny Black. It was issued by Great Britain in 1840.

How much was a stamp in 1844?

Postage in Great Britain was a penny. The One Penny Black was the stamp issued then. The US didn't have postage stamps for another decade

How much is a penny purple stamp worth?

There isn't any stamp that is called a penny purple. You need to describe the stamp - include country and if you can date and what is on the stamp.

Who is on the penny black stamp?

Queen Victoria who was the Queen of England when the first Penny Black stamp was printed in 1840.

What was the world's first postage stamp?

The first adhesive postage stamp was the British one penny stamp nicknamed the 'Penny Black' which was introduced in May 1840.

What is a penny black?

The British Penny Black stamp was was the first ever postage stamp. It was issued on May 6, 1840.

What is a Penny Black stamp?

It is the first ever postage stamp, produced in England in 1840. It cost 1 penny and was black.

Why is the Penny Black stamp called that?

It was blackIt cost a pennyIt was quickly replaced with the Penny Red.

Who made the penny stamp?


Is there a 1922 wheat penny with the date stamp in the wrong direction?

It is very possible. Please take it to a certified coin collector to have it authenticated.

Why is the Penny Black stamp famous?

It is the first stamp issued. That makes it the 'First.'

When the penny black was invented?

The British Penny Black stamp was was the first ever postage stamp. It was first issued on May 6, 1840.

How much was a stamp in 1843?

Only Great Britain had stamps in 1843. They were a penny for a normal letter. The One Penny Black was the first stamp, soon followed by the One Penny Red.

What was the first stamp made in the world?

The first stamp made was the British two penny black stamp from 1840.

How much is a british half penny stamp worth?

Depends what year, and the condition. If you are talking about a half NEW penny stamp, that's unused, then it's worth just that. Half a new penny.

What was the first postage stamp?

Penny Black

What would a penny buy in 1800?


Who will have the the black penny stamp?

The One Penny Black is the first stamp created. Most dealers will have them for sale. You can also find them on auction sites as well.

How much is an 1964 penny blue stamp worth from England?

how much is 1964 penny blue stamp worth ? i have 2 still in original book

What stamp did roland hill create?

The One Penny Black, the first postage stamp.

What year was the penny black stamp?

The Penny Black stamp was issued by Great Britain in 1840. It was a silhouette of Queen Victoria in Black ink. It was named the One Penny Black because it was one cent.

How much was a One Penny at that time Can you give us the value today of one penny Could every body buy the Penny Black stamp in 1840?

The One Penny Black cost one penny. Anyone could go to the post office and buy a stamp.

Why do stamp collectors know about the Penny Black?

The Penny Black is the first stamp ever issued. People interested in something know about the most important firsts.

Who was the first President to appear on a postage stamp?

George Washington was the first president to appear on a postage stamp. He is seen on the first US stamp, issued in 1847.

What is a plate 77 penny red stamp?

Plate 77 is a rare victorian postage stamp