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Please let me apologize in advance for my sarcasm, but I wish this were always the case! If all the narcissists paired up, then they would leave all us normal folks alone... Seriously, I did read somewhere (in Sam Vaknin's site?) that there are two particular "types" of narcissists may do well for a time...Was it an inverted narcissist he was refering to? I don't quite remember.(Google: "inverted narcissist maybe?) I also read that there are folks out there that actually like being in a relationship with a narcissist!

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If narcissism for guy what is the term for girl?

Narcissism is not a sex-differentiated term. A male can be a narcissist, a female can be a narcissist.

Does a female narcissist have deviant sexual tendencies?

Sometimes. Many narcissists have deviant sexual tendencies, male & female.

Did Michelangelo have a girlfriend?

Most likely not , for he was gay. But it is possible to be in a intimate relationship with someone else. Male Or Female

Can a Gemini female have a relationship with a male Scorpio?

Yeah, enything is possible. It's not like it's against the law or enything.

Who was the most successful female athlete from Sweden?

Annika Sorenstam is arguably the greatest female golfer in history and the most successful Swedish female athlete ever.

Why does a female narcissist put her head down and put up sulky face when asked why they think you are the most stupid person on earth?

That's not the reaction I got when I said the same thing..my female narcissist said FU. Maybe you are not dealing with a Narissist, maybe you are one?

Will the histrionic female narcissist always become spiteful if you refuse them sex?

The Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) is a separate mental health disorder. I assume, therefore, that you are referring to the SOMATIC female narcissist. She derives her sense of self-worth from her sexual conquests. And, yes, she is enraged by rejection.

Is it possible to get a female riolu?

it has 87.5% change to be male, 12.5% to be female. so it is possible

Can a hiv infected female have a successful ivf procedure?

Yes she can have a successful IVF procedure.

Is Adam Lambert in a relationship with a woman?

He is not in a relationship with a female.... but he is bi-curious.

Who is Ryan Buell in a relationship with?

If he is it's not with a female....... He's been sick so hardly think he has time for a relationship with a female or male

What is the importance of hatshepsut?

She was the first successful female pharaoh.

What female rapper was one of the first to launch and sustain a successful movie career?

Queen Latifah was the female rapper who was one of the first to launch and sustain a successful movie career.

Is it possible for dogs to be stuck twice and the female not produce pups?

it is possible but it might mean the female dog has a tumor

A narcissist doesn't always use another woman as N supplyit can be another source right?

Yes, I believe that this is true, it doesn't have to be another woman. I have recently witnessed someone that I believe is a narcissist (but not a malignant narcissist) go FROM an NS of male friends TO an NS of another woman. But the male friends were the NS for quite some time. I think the narcissist will use as an NS anyone - male or female - that satisfies his need for narcissistic supply.

Is papoose in a relationship?

Yes, Papoose is in a relationship with a female rapper named Remy Ma

Why is it so hard to leave a female narcissist?

Because we are men we (sometimes) want what we cant have. It's just like on TV shows where you see the Narcissistic female cheerleader have all the boys drool over her. The boys are drawn 1: By her beuty 2: Her Confidence 3: and we know she's out of our league. The reason we don't leave a narcissist is because we know that we have feeling for her, but she's just living in the moment. Narcissist have no commintment and feed off of other peoples love for them.

Would a narcissist ever be comfortable in a nudist setting?

It could depend on who the narcissist is, whether they are male or female, and their age. In general the answer would be no. Actually narcissists are very self involved and/or self centered people and would not be as comfortable,mainly because they not the one and only center of attention. A nudist resort is about accepting others and existing equally. A narcissist is nothing like that.

Why do the female chimpanzees mate with as many males as possible?

Female chimpanzees mate with as many males as possible to prevent infanticide

What is the size of the male and female brain?

the size relationship between the male and female brain shows that the male is, and the female brain is?

Who was the successful female pharaoh who ruled during the new kingdom?

Hatshepsut was a successful female pharaoh who ruled during the new kingdom for over 20 years. She lead a peaceful and prosperous reign.

This was a very successful female labor union during the early 1900s?

A very successful labor union was the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. It was established in 1900 and the majority of its members were female.

Synonym for diva?

A diva is a glamorous and successful female performer or female singer. A synonym for diva is a prima donna.

Will a Leo female and Gemini female work?

Generally speaking a Leo - Gemini relationship will be harmonious.

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