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It's possible, but it's more likely he cares about you in a friendly sort of manner and doesn't want to get into a serious relationship with you. Sorry.

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What if you can't date but a guy you like asked you out?

I would secretly go out with him.

Does a guy like you if he sends you notes that say I love you?

this boy asked me "do you like me i said not but secretly i do cant you tell me if he likes me he lso left school for some reason i miss him this boy asked me "do you like me i said not but secretly i do cant you tell me if he likes me he lso left school for some reason i miss him this boy asked me "do you like me i said not but secretly i do cant you tell me if he likes me he lso left school for some reason i miss him yes who would lie

I like this boy and i asked if he liked me and he said yes then he went a way when he came back he asked if i still like him and you said no and you do still like him what will you ay?

just tell the truth never be scared he likes you and you like him so that is a match

We have never gone out but how do you know if your friend's brother still likes you?

i would just ask them secretly if they like when your brothers not around

What if your girlfriend is very selective about who she will date should you still ask her out?

Of course!! If you like her than you should always give it a try! She might even secretly like you!!

Does Keith secretly like Haylee?


Can a guy still like you if you asked him out and he said no but all his friends say he likes you?


If the girl that you like asks a mutual guy friend if you still like her in high school what does it mean?

I am that girl. Haha. I just asked one of my guy friends this yesterday; whether his friend who apparently liked me last year still did. I asked because I was curious and because it's kind of an ego boost when you find out the answer is yes! However, it's possible she likes you. It could also be that she's like me and is purely curious.

A guy asked you out but you didnt realize it and now you like him but he has a trophie girlfriend and he seems to pick on you more does he really like her or does he still like you?

yes he still likes you alot.

How do you tell if an ex likes you?

it would be like before they asked you out, except even more shy because they would be afraid you wouldn't like them.

I asked out a guy on the phone but he said no nervousy does this mean he doesnt like me still?


Why did William livingston oppose slavery?

because he secretly like a black girl named neisha.because he secretly like a black girl named neisha.

What do you do if you like this girl and asked her out and she said no how do you know if she still likes you?

Well I think she made it clear that she doesn't like you.

How would you use secretly in a sentence?

it's an adverb so you would use it like this ;"i secretly handed her the note"

Is Russia still secretly making Nuclear Bombs?

No, they don't need to as they have more than anyone else. They are actively dismantling them (just like the U.S. is).

What if your best friend likes you and asked you out and you are secretly dating someone else?

well if you like your best friend then you should go out with him|her... but if you don't your best friend then you should tell him|her, that you are going out with someone already.

Why doesn't Aiden like Hana Montana?

Because he secretly does like it!

Does sonic secretly like Amy?

No, Sonic doesn't like anyone.

Can you get negative results and still be pregnant?

It is unlikely but still possible. There accurate to 99.9 % something like that.

Why did Phillip ask Timothy if he was still black?

he asked that because he had not seen he for like 2 mounths

Ok a guy I like used to like me but he never asked me out just flirted like no tomorrow but not anymore and I still like him what do I do?

You need to tell him how you feel. Chances are he may still like you, too, but wasn't sure how you felt.

Does Sora like kiri?

Secretly, but we see it as a friend.

How do you get a girl to secretly like you?

Im not a girl sorry

Does Sam possibly secretly like Freddie?


Is it possible to have a full intercourse without penetrating the hymen?

Penovaginal intercourse is not not possible for above asked,but you may go for variant forms like anal, oral ......

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