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Depends on what type of relationship. Is he the child's father, and if so, does he have legal parental rights? The fact is, we all lie to every person we will ever encounter (to a greater or lesser degree)because no human is perfect, but then it becomes a problem when one considers what is being lied about and why. To tell someone that you earn six-figures a year when you don't to rope them into a risky investment scheme...well, you get the point. The questions to consider is whether or not the child's psychological well-being will be affected by this person's lying, as well as the child's physical health. If YOU stand to suffer negative physical and emotional effects, then so will the child, most definitely. Signed: fourth-year graduate student of neuroscience and Psychology.

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โˆ™ 2005-02-07 15:24:16
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Q: Is it possible for a man who lies constantly to everyone he encounters to be safe for a 4 year old boy to have a relationship with?
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