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Is it possible for someone to be lonely and end up in a relationship that they do not know how to get out of?


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Yes it is possible and happens to people more than you think. Most people don't want to go through life alone. However, it's important to give yourself space for awhile to get to know your own strength and find your independence. This way you never have to reply 100% on anyone. If we rely on someone 100% it's an impossible expectation to ask of another person. Be sure it's loneliness you feel and not just that your relationship has grown stale. Many people get all excited and try to make a good impression when they first meet, then the relationship after a year or more can grow stale because it really boils down to "the chase" of landing the person you love. Sit down with your partner and see if you can't spice up your life. Plan a holiday (even if it's a mini holiday) or see more of other couples, go to pubs, clubs and get out and have some fun. Learn to laugh! If after this you still feel the same about your partner then it's important that you be honest and let them know and then move on. If you don't then you really aren't being fair to your partner. By leaving it gives them an opportunity to find someone to fill that loneliness they may feel in their life with someone else. Good luck