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If you are using the Windows operating system then it is possible. If you are using Mac OS X then it is not possible.

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2010-01-17 10:15:33
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Q: Is it possible for someone to connect to your computer camera without you knowing it?
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Why would someone on a computer try to remotely connect to my computer?

To steal valuable information and to mess with you.

Can someone access your computer from their own computer and add an icon relating to their own website on your taskbar without you knowing?

It shouldn't be possible, but if you're running windows and missing some patches, it is. Either way, it's unlikely. If someone hijacked your computer, the last thing they'd want to do is tip you off.

Can you fall asleep at the computer?

Yes. It is possible for someone to fall asleep at the computer.

Can you put someone on the deed without them knowing it?

It would be possible to quit claim someone on the TITLE without them knowing. You would not have a way to make them liable for the note without their knowledge.

What does a USB port or device allow someone to do?

It allowes someone to input a device into the computer. (Connect an ipod, flashdrive, etc.)

How do you connect your custom built computer to the Internet?

The same way you'd connect someone else's computer to the internet. But if you mean to say that your computer's I/O template won't let you connect registered jacks like POTS or Ethernet, then just break out one of your free ports onto protoboard or wire wrap and use a cheap microcontroller to connect it.

Can someone on your home group network log on to your computer from there computer and see what you have been doing?

It Is Possible But You Would Have To Be Clever

How can someone recovery data from a computer?

How to recover data, or whether it is possible at all, depends what exactly the problem with the computer is.

Someone said that they read that a virus can stop the fan cooling your computer can cause the computer to overheat is this true?

It's theoretical possible, but not likely. But if someone managed to do this, then yes, your computer would overheat.

What programs does one use to connect to a usenet server?

If someone wants to connect to a usenet server then they need to have a usenet client on their computer. This will be configured to access the usenet server and then will enable it to be used.

Is it possible for someone to hack into you computer and see what your doing?

Yes it is,virus' like these are called spyware and are used by hackers to spy on what you do in your computer once they enter your computer

Someone who is not knowing or ignorant is called?

Someone who is not knowing or ignorant may be called uneducated or uninformed.

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