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It depends on the location of and size of the hole. The further the hole is from the tip of the condom, the less likely it is that semen will reach it -- since most condoms hold the semen near the tip. Depending on factors like the presence and size of a reservoir tip and the quantity of semen ejaculated, the semen may never even reach a hole that is not near the tip.

However, if semen reaches the hole, the sperm cells can get through very small holes. In theory if only the tiniest droplet of sperm-containing semen leaks out through the hole, the girl might get pregnant. In reality, the chances of a pregnancy are lowered the less semen leaks through the hole and into the vagina.

The only way to know if there was a hole is to test it after sex, then it's pretty much too late to protect yourself from pregnancy with that condom. If there are no obvious holes or semen leaking out of the condom, you will need to fill it with water to check for leaks.

Testing before sex is problematic, since once you've unrolled a condom for testing, it can be difficult to apply the condom to the penis correctly and without damage.

Besides abstaining from penis-in-vagina sex, the best protection against pregnancy is to "double up" and for the female to use some form of Birth Control too. If condoms are all that is available, you can double up.

Hmm, yeah, doubling up is not good, the friction caused between the two condoms is liable to cause a tear, please don't do it!

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Q: Is it possible for sperm to leak through a hole in the condom so small that it is barely noticeable or if there is a hole is it normally a big one?
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