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Not really. It can be made somewhat crisper, POSSIBLY a little lighter but not much. The cost in doing so approach the used value of the rifle.

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Can a bryco 380 semiautomatic fire 32 caliber ammunition?

Absolutely not!

Winchester caliber for serial number G973346?

You will have to contact Winchester.

What caliber bullet does a Winchester Model 94 32 WS take?

32 caliber... "32 W.S." is the designation for the 32 caliber Winchester Special cartridge.

What is the value of a 30-30 caliber Winchester Model 1894 octagon barrel?

== == What is the value of 30 caliber Winchester 1894 ?

How many Winchester Model 100s were made in the 284 caliber?

how many Winchester Model 100's were made in the .284 caliber?

When did they make the Winchester model 1917 300 caliber rifle?

Your Winchester model of the U S model 1917 30-06 caliber rifle was produced by Winchester from 1917-1919.

What year and caliber was a Winchester model 1894 serial number 478219 made?

your Winchester model 1894 was made in 1909.As to the caliber it should be marked on the barrel of the rifle.(ie,30 30-30 caliber).32wcf is 32 Winchester special.38-55 is another possable caliber.

What company made the Barret 50 caliber sniper rifle?

You probably just said it. A Winchester 30-30 caliber rifle is made by Winchester.

What caliber is your Winchester serial 325645?

The caliber of your Winchester should be plainly marked on the firearm.You do not say whether you have a shotgun or rifle?This may make a difference.

Where is the serial number on a Winchester Model 55?

The Winchester 55 .22 caliber was not serialized.

What is the value of a 22 caliber semiautomatic pistol made in Spain by STAR Trade Mark?

50-100 USD

What is the age of a Winchester model 9422M serial F154413?

Your Winchester model 9422M,.22WMR caliber was made by Winchester in 1974.

Did Winchester make a model 1773 in 2520 caliber?


How far did Winchester rifles kill at?

Which model and what caliber

What caliber is a browning bar 243?

243 Winchester

What caliber in your Winchester model 1873 serial?

Impossible to answer

What is the value of a 32 caliber Browning semiautomatic pistol serial?

Impossible to value with only the serial number and no other details.

Who made sears model 1 22 caliber rifle?

Winchester did, it's a clone of the Winchester 121

What is the value of a 22 caliber Winchester Model 1890?

I have one

Winchester lever action 303 british caliber?


What caliber was john Wayne's Winchester rifle?


What was the caliber of the riflemans rifle on the show?

winchester 32-40

What is the age of a Winchester 1892 short rifle Caliber 38-40 Serial 341172?

Your winchester model 1892 was made by winchester in 1906.

What year was the winchester model 94 3030 caliber with the serial number 120272 made?

Your winchester model 1894 rifle was made by winchester in 1898.

What year was your Winchester Model 94 made it is 3030 caliber with sn 5487996? has Winchester sn data