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Q: Is it possible that white chalk like spots on teeth can be formed due to lack of calcium?
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What is the little white spots on your nails?

the white spots on fingernails are little spots of calcium

Why do you get tiny white spots on your face?

It's the natural result of a facial. Are they calcium spots?

What does white spots on your fingernails mean?

calcium deposits

Why do people get white spots on their fingernails?

calcium deposits.

Why do you get calcium spots on your nails?

It means you have a lack of calcium, eat more cheese and drink more milk.

Can calcium deficiency cause white spots on the face?

Yes, this white spots on face can be easily removed by taking calcium it is mainly cause by deficiency of calcium in body..........i have done this method and it is really effective and tablets are also easily available.......

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What happens when the body doesn't receive enough nutrients?

you get deficiencies eg lack of calcium can lead to calcium spots osteoperosis and sometimes rickets

What dissolves calcium water spots?

mild acids like vinegar & phosphoric acid.

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