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They say that you can have a very heavy period and that is a sign of early miscarriage. Most woman have a miscarriage early in the first 3 weeks and didnt even know they were pregnant. They just thank that they are having a very heavy period and then they experience spotting also. More then 50% of pregnancy dont make it past the first 4 weeks and most woman dont ever know that they were expecting. From everything that I have read its not common to bleed heavy if your pregnant. I would check with your doctor. If you feel that you may be pregnant he-she can do a blood test.

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It is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant.

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No,its not possible.If you are worried see a doctor for pregnancy test

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Q: Is it possible to be pregnant after your second period after a 2nd trimester miscarriage if your period is light but you still have period symptoms and pregnancy test is negative?
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Took a pregnancy test it was negative Is it still possible that you were pregnant and had a miscarriage?


Is it possible to gain 15 to 20 pounds within the first trimester of pregnancy?

Yes, it is possible, but it is not recommended and it is not healthy to gain that much weight during the first trimester. Most of your pregnancy weight gain should happen during the second trimester.

Can you have had a miscarriage and a pregnancy test show negative the same day?

If the embryo stopped developing soon after implanting this would be possible, if you never had a positive test -it is more likely you weren't pregnant.

If a women is bleeding and you have taken a pregnancy test is it possible she is still pregnant?

She may have had a miscarriage

Is it possible to have a miscarriage at 18 weeks of beign pregnant?

You will probably be able to get pregnant in the future. i had a miscarriage back in february of 2004..i had only been pregnant for about two months. i just turned 19 in december. i am hoping to get pregnant again, and my doctor said i should have no problem conceiving again.

Can you have colostrium in your first trimester?

Yes, each woman and pregnancy is unique. It is possible to leak colostrum during the first trimester. That is how I knew I was pregnant with my third child.

Can you still be pregnant if you have a very light period with no cramping but nausea and light headedness?

Yes, it is very common for some females to still have periods while in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Though if it gets very heavy and painful you should see your doctor due to possible complications and possible miscarriage.

Is it possible to have had a false negative pregnancy from an expired pregnancy test from 04?


Is pregnancy still possible after having a period and negative test?

No, a period and a negative HPT (used at the appropriate time) indicates no pregnancy.

Can Albendazole be used during pregnancy?

Albendazole is known teratogen. Must not be used in pregnancy. You can use levamisole 150 mg in pregnancy. That is also to be avoided as far as possible in first trimester of pregnancy.

Why you have a heavy cramps and heavy bleed while pregnancy?

It is possible that you are having a miscarriage. You need to go to hospital at once

You had severe pain you went to the hospital and they told you your pregnancy test was negative but you are 16 weeks along they told you you were having a miscarriage without bleeding is this possible?

When You are pregnant, your body produces a hormone called hGC. The pregnancy test detects the hormone1. Look into it before you let them think you're having a miscarriage. I'm pretty sure you can have a miscarriage without blood, but that also means you will need a surgery called D&C to remove remnants of the pregnancy that can cause complications, namely infection.1.