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It is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant.

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Q: Is it possible to be pregnant after your second period after a 2nd trimester miscarriage if your period is light but you still have period symptoms and pregnancy test is negative?
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Is it possible to have a negative pregnancy test as you miscarry?

Possibly, if the pregnancy ended very early the hCG may have returned to pre-pregnancy levels before the miscarriage. It is more likely for the test to be negative a few days to a week after an early first trimester miscarriage.

Is it possible to have a miscarriage at 18 weeks of beign pregnant?

You can have a miscarriage at any point of the pregnancy it is just a lot less likely after the first trimester

Took a pregnancy test it was negative Is it still possible that you were pregnant and had a miscarriage?


Is it possible to miscarriage the child when i'm one month pregnant?

Yes, most miscarriages occur in the first trimester but you can miscarry all through the pregnancy.

Your period was late now passing clots and tissue had negative pregnancy test could i be having a miscarriage?

yes it is possible to be having a miscarriage,some people test with a false negative. It also depends on how late you are.

Pregnancy after miscarriage?

A pregnancy after a miscarriage is still possible. As long as the embro or fetus has been complete removed from the uterus. I am one of the many enjoying a pregnancy after feeling the hard grief of a miscarriage.

Is it possible to have no pregnancy symptoms?

Yes its possible (for the first trimester or so) but very unlikely.

Is it possible to gain 15 to 20 pounds within the first trimester of pregnancy?

Yes, it is possible, but it is not recommended and it is not healthy to gain that much weight during the first trimester. Most of your pregnancy weight gain should happen during the second trimester.

Can a pregnancy test detect a pregnancy after two months or how long can a pregnancy test work?

It can detect pregnancy as long as the HCG hormone is in your body. So anytime during pregnancy. If you get a positive test then a negative go see a doctor because a miscarriage is possible.

Is it possible to have a miscarriage at 2 months?

It is possible to miscarry at any point during a pregnancy.

Is it possible to get pregnant 1 week after miscarriage?

Yes - you are very fertile after a pregnancy

Was there a pregnancy if you took two pregnancy tests both positive but four days later started bleeding and cramping and then took another test and it was negative?

Two positive pregnancy tests usually don't lie. Sounds like a possible miscarriage.

Can you take gas x while pregnant?

Yes. You can take it in pregnancy. But as such to be avoided in first trimester of pregnancy as far as possible.

Can you have a miscarriage at four months?

you can miscarry at any time during the pregnancy. its not likely in an average pregnancy after a certain time but it is possible.

If a women is bleeding and you have taken a pregnancy test is it possible she is still pregnant?

She may have had a miscarriage

If a pregnancy test is taken a week after a possible miscarriage will it give an accurate result?


Can you have had a miscarriage and a pregnancy test show negative the same day?

If the embryo stopped developing soon after implanting this would be possible, if you never had a positive test -it is more likely you weren't pregnant.

Is it bad to run when pregnant?

It is generally a good idea to stay away from hard sports or exercise that require a lot of up-and-down movements during the entire pregnancy, but mostly in the second and third trimester, as it is possible to displace the placenta, which could cause problems with pregnancy or miscarriage. Try going for a brisk walk instead, and after the first trimester avoid exercises that require laying flat on your back. Also avoid sit-ups throughout your pregnancy.

I have missed a period and a pregnancy test is negative Could i still be pregnant?

it's possible to be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test. it can be a fault negative.

Can you have colostrium in your first trimester?

Yes, each woman and pregnancy is unique. It is possible to leak colostrum during the first trimester. That is how I knew I was pregnant with my third child.

Is it possible to have had a false negative pregnancy from an expired pregnancy test from 04?


Is it possible that you might get a miscarriage in your second week of pregnancy?

Many miscarriages occur in early pregnancy, usually due to a developmental problem.

Is it possible to still be pregnant if pregnancy symptoms have faded in early pregnancy given that most advice says symptoms usually remain through to the second trimester?

Yes, most symptoms stop at the end of the first trimester

Can you still be pregnant if you have a very light period with no cramping but nausea and light headedness?

Yes, it is very common for some females to still have periods while in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Though if it gets very heavy and painful you should see your doctor due to possible complications and possible miscarriage.

Is pregnancy still possible after having a period and negative test?

No, a period and a negative HPT (used at the appropriate time) indicates no pregnancy.