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Is it possible to carry your baby too low in your pelvis?


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2006-04-02 23:29:07
2006-04-02 23:29:07

No I don't think so. It might be uncomfortable to you but God knew what he was doing when he made a woman to recreate. It is possible to carry your baby low in the pelvis. I am 29 weeks and I'm carying low so low that I was just at the hospital for preterm labor. So I have been put on bed rest and walking alot is very uncomfortable. So believe me you can carry low.


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Some babies settle down in the pelvis of the pregnant woman. This is what happened to me. My baby was low my entire pregnancy.

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Dangerous because the cervix may open due to the weight exerted by twins.

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I've heard that it means you will have a baby girl.

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This is not good because the weight of the baby will put pressure on the cervix and may open and will have a premature delivery.

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It's possible but there is a low chance of survival.

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