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No I don't think so. It might be uncomfortable to you but God knew what he was doing when he made a woman to recreate. It is possible to carry your baby low in the pelvis. I am 29 weeks and I'm carying low so low that I was just at the hospital for preterm labor. So I have been put on bed rest and walking alot is very uncomfortable. So believe me you can carry low.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-02 23:29:07
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Q: Is it possible to carry your baby too low in your pelvis?
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Baby fixed at brim of pelvic?

Some babies settle down in the pelvis of the pregnant woman. This is what happened to me. My baby was low my entire pregnancy.

Is it dangerous to carry twins low in the pelvis?

Dangerous because the cervix may open due to the weight exerted by twins.

What does it mean to carry low in pregnancy?

I've heard that it means you will have a baby girl.

Can a Harlequin baby live?

It's possible but there is a low chance of survival.

You are 33 weeks and baby is really low in your pelvis areawhat does that mean is it good or bad is it safe?

This is not good because the weight of the baby will put pressure on the cervix and may open and will have a premature delivery.

How should you know that you carry baby boy or girl I am 9 month's now?

If you carry low it's possibly a boy. If you carry high it's possibly a girl.

Is it normal to carry the baby in the back?

I have never heard of carrying a baby in the back. i have heard of carrying the baby very low which was my situation. I have heard of carrying the baby very high.

How can you determine what gender is your baby?

if the baby is in the right position a sonographer can usually tell what the sex is at your 22 week sonogram. they say if you carry the baby high it is a girl and if you carry a baby low it is a boy. that was how it was for me , but i wouldn't rely on it. with my son i carried really low and all out front and with my daughter i carried high and wide( she is the reason i now have love handles) also alot of women "just know". trust your instincts!!!!

What is the sacrum in the skeletal system?

Its a low part of the backbone, and forms the rear part of the pelvis.

Why are babies born with low birth weight?

coz a mother cant carry a 50 lb baby in her stomach it is dangerous and you can have a miscarriage!

Does low bone density increase health risks?

There is the possibility that low bone density can increase health risks. One possible risk for those with low bone density is an increase risk of bone fracture, especially in older women who suffer fractures to the hip and pelvis areas as the result of falls.

Can your water break at 4 months pregnant?

It is possible that your water can break at four months, but the baby has a low change of survival.

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