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Is it possible to change from manual to automatic transmission in a 2000 Ford Escort ZX2 and if so how much would it cost?


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yes, and it will probably cost you a lot.


Link to how-to updated. Look below in 'related links' for the link to the how-to.


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It can be done but it would not be cost effective. Better just purchasing another 1995 Escort with a standard transmission.

If you have an automatic transmission there is no drain plug, you'll have to drop the pan to change the fluid. If you have a manual transmission the drain plug is in the center on the bottom.

To repair a transmission that is stuck in gear on a 1989 Ford Escort 1.9L CFI, it will be necessary to drop the transmission out of the vehicle. It will probably have to be overhauled by replacing a belt or fixing the linkage, that is causing it to be stuck in gear.

A parts car like yours with an automatic transmission.

Yes, you'd have to find the stock automatic transmission for your year and engine size, the stock automatic brake pedal assembly, and miscellaneous small things like transmission fluid, the transmission dipstick tube, linkages, etc.

take it to a mechanic and say, "can you replace the transmission mount on my '94 Ford Escort"

Yes, Maybe, and Maybe. If you're trying to put an automatic transmission from a 1999 into an automatic 2000 escort, then YES If you're trying to put a manual transmission from a 1999 into a manual 2000 escort, then Maybe. Some escorts were equipped with cable operated clutches and others had hydraulic operated clutches. If you're trying to put an automatic transmission from a 1999 into a manual 2000 escort or vies versa, then MAYBE. Once you change out countless other parts from your donor car. Application for F-4EAT (Automatic) 1998-2003 Ford ZX2 Source: Application for IB-series (manual) Ford Escort (1980 - 1997) Source:

The same way you change the engine squirrel. There is no transmission belt.

how hard is it to change a shifter bushings in a 1995 ford escort how do you change the sensors in the transmission

How Do I Change My Automatic Transmission Filter?

If your transmission is manual, you will have to change gear. If it is automatic, you won't.

You can change it to a manual trani but the entire motor would need to be reworked due to the fact that the vacuum line and electronics are set up for an automatic trani. Also the brakes would have to be redone sense you will only have one pedel. There is also the fact that the shifting mechinizm will have to be changed along with the plastics.

You can change a manual transmission to an automatic. It can cost upwards of 3,000 dollars to do this for a Volkswagen Polo.

You should change your automatic transmission fluid in Toyota gearbox at least after every 30,000 miles.

The filter is inside the transmission and must be took apart to change the filter.

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