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Is it possible to change the background color of a Microsoft Wordworks document?

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Yes,Goto File menu > Format > background > Fill. I'ts all.for winxp.-priyangu

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Is it possible to open a Microsoft Word document in Microsoft Works?

It is possible due to Microsoft Works including word. It also depends on the file format of the word document, wether it is a 2007 file or 2003.

Is it possible to find a Microsoft Works document that I forgot to save?


Is it possible to open a Microsoft Excel document in Microsoft Works?

If you save the Excel spreadsheet in a format that Microsoft Works can understand, then yes you can. Use the Save As facility to do so.

Is it possible to scan a text document to Microsoft office edit it and reprint?

Yes, after you have scanned, convert your scanned document to rtf or text, save and print.

Can you create separate files in MS Word Documents for entries in an Excel spreadsheet?

Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents can be linked to each other, so that changes in one document will show up in the other. So it is possible to enter data in Microsoft Word and have it appear in Microsoft Excel. It is also possible to do formulas in tables in Microsoft Word, without linking to Microsoft Excel.

Is it possible to copy from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Excel?

=It can be possible most of the time it is..=

How can you make work done on a school computer that has Microsoft Word work on my home computer that has Microsoft Works?

If Works will not convert your Word document, you may have to re-save your document at school. If you click on "Save As", go down the list of possible formats. There should be one or two choices to save in a Works format.

Why is it not possible to save a Microsoft document named con?

"CON" is a reserved device name - short for console. Microsoft will not allow you to create any folders or documents named as such, regardless of whether the file has an extension or not (i.e. con.txt, con.doc, etc.).

Can you switch from one open document to another in Microsoft Word?

yes it is possible. In Microsoft word, click on the "window" menu on the top tool bar. You'll see a list of the open documents. Just click the one you want and bam!

What is the analogy for background?

A possible analogies for background: * background - foreground as back - front

Is it possible to scan a text document to Microsoft office then edit it and reprint?

An OCR step is required between the "Scan" stage and the "Edit" stage. Microsoft Office has no built-in Optical Character Recognition functionality, some third party software is required.

Is it possible to download Microsoft Word 2007 independently from the Microsoft Office Suite?

It is possible to download Microsoft Word 2007 without having to download the entire Office Suite. Word 2007 can be purchased individually from the Microsoft website.

Does Microsoft use child labor?

One of its contractors does or did, i think Microsoft dealt with it but it is possible that they didnt.

Is there a way to convert a you tube video into a desktop background?

Yes, it is possible. You must have a Player which is able to capture frame from the video, (like Nero) save the frame into Microsoft Word and set it as a desktop screensaver.

What spartan values are suggested in this document?

If you were to provide 'this' document, it might be possible to answer your question.

By default formatting marks will print on your document?

No, they are not printed by default. They are only used for styling/designing document as a help for you. Even if they are on when you print, they will not be printed.It is possible in the printing options to get them to print if you wanted to, but this is rarely done. Someone teaching Microsoft Word to people might do this to demonstrate the formatting marks and give the students a printed document that shows different ones.

How do you install Microsoft office 2010 from a usb?

It is not possible to do that. You need the installation disks to install Microsoft Office.

How do you get the help dog on Microsoft Word?

Well, unfortunately all Microsoft animations died in the year of 2007, and there is no possible way you can put him back on your Microsoft system. Sorry.....

Where could one buy Microsoft Word 2007?

Ebay or Amazon would be great places to find Microsoft Word 2007. It's not possible to purchase Microsoft Word 2007 from the Microsoft website, unfortunately.

Can you travel to US with your UK travel document?

If that travel document is a passport then yes you can. Without passport it wont be possible

Is it possible to find a certain word on Microsoft word using a search box or such like?

Yes, this operation is possible. The process for doing this via the mouse can vary depending on what version of Microsoft office you have. But pressing 'Ctrl' and 'F' at the same time is a process that is kept constant throughout all of the versions of word. This brings up a window with a search box that you can type in a certain word or phrase and it will search the word document for that word or phrase.

What is 2findLocal dot com background?

The site has private registration. It doesn't seem possible to track its background.

How can you write in a picture on wordpad?

There is no possible way only on Microsoft Word you can.

Can you draw and label the parts of Microsoft Word 2007?

No drawings are possible.

Does Microsoft own Intel?

its possible whats behind closed doors

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