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It would be difficult. I would not attempt it unless there were parts from a later model that would interchange with it.A salvage yard might be able to answer interchangability issues.

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Would a cracked serpentine belt result in poor fuel economy?

Yes, it is possible that a cracked serpentine belt will cause poor fuel economy. Many people will have significantly improved gas mileage after changing the belt.

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Is it possible to remove the cylinder head on a 2001 Chrysler PT cruiser 2.0 DOHC without removing crankshaft pulley as I am not changing the timing belt just installing refurbished head?


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No. It is possible to change direction without changing speed. However, it is not possible to change direction without changing velocity.

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No, not at all possible. But constant speed with changing velocity is possible.

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Your 1988 Oldsmobile turns over but will not start what can it be?


Can you change a crankshaft while motor is still in the vehicle?

In same models this is possible.

How do you tighten the serpentine belt on a 1997 jeep?

A serpentine belt has an idler pulley on is to keep it tight at all times. If your serpentine belt is loose, then something is worn out. Its possible the idler pulley is stuck in its bracket so it cannot move or the spring on it is worn out.

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When you changed serpentine belt on a 1999 ford zx2 what would cause it not to start?

You had to have disrupted something else while you were changing the serpentine belt. I've driven a short distance without the belt at all so just changing it shouldn't have any side effect like not starting. Check all your electrical connections and be certain you didn't dissconnect anything while you changed the belt. It's possible that your battery is dead if you drove a distance without the belt in place. The belt is needed for the alternator to charge the battery but this would be the only way I can think of that changing the belt would cause your car not to start.

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Is it possible to by pass the air condition with the serpentine belt if it is what size of a serpentine belt do you need 1999 Chevy Malibu 4 cylinder?

go to parts store and tell them you need a belt for no air conditioning for your engine!!

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What is the routing for the serpentine belt on a Chevrolet truck?

serpentine belts all have ridges on one side and smooth on the other match smooth pulley or tensioner or whatever to smooth and ridge to ridge and it will only go on one possible way

What is the crankshoft?

A crankshaft is the part of an automobile that converts the force of the engine's pistons going up and down into the force that makes the wheels spin forward so that you can move. All cars require a crankshaft, and it is possible for them to need repairing.

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