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Is it possible to determine the gender of a baby at a 14-week ultrasound?

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is usually the most common procedure used to determine a baby

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Is it possible to see the gender at 12 weeks pregnant?

It is not possible to determine the gender of a fetus at 12 weeks gestation by ultrasound. Typically the gender is evident closer to 20 weeks gestation.

Can a doctor determine the gender of a baby at 3 months gestation?

Possibly. If you get a good view on the ultrasound, it's possible. You can also have a amniocentesis done and that will tell you the gender.

Is it possible for gender to change at the time of delivery while an ultrasound scan at 17 weeks says its a girl?

No. What is possible is that the doctor or technician who performed the ultrasound misread it or didn't get a good image. The fetus or its genital parts could have been at a bad angle to be able to determine gender from the image.

Can an ultrasound at 17 weeks determine the gender of the baby?

i would ask a doctor :)

How do you determine my baby's gender before pregnancy?

They will usually find out during your first ultrasound.

What is the appropriate month to have an ultrasound check up in order to determine the baby's gender?

20weeks but its not always accurate...

How do you determine the sex of your baby by urinating in antifreeze?

I have never heard of any such method for determining a baby's gender. Your doctor can perform an ultrasound to see if the baby's genitals are visible, which would help determine gender.

How accurate is an ultrasound taken at 26 weeks to determine gender?

Very. However dr's and nurses are human and do make mistakes but it is rare.

What is the earliest a baby's gender can be detected?

my girlfriend's ultrasound showed we are having a boy..she is now 12 weeks 6 days pregnantANSWERgenerally ultrasound techs (even the best) won't give you an answer till you are around the 16 week mark You can try to determine your baby gender with Chinese Birth Gender chart. This is easy and accurate baby gender prediction.

When is the absolute earliest you can find out the gender of the baby?

16 weeks it is possible to detect gender. Most OB's won't order an ultrasound until 18-20 weeks.

Which test indicates the sex of the unborn with a 100 percent accuracy?

The ultrasound test is the most accurate test used to determine the gender of a baby.

Can you get an ultrasound at 16 weeks to detmine the gender of your baby?

We found out at 16 weeks what we were having. It's possible but only if your baby cooperates.

How do you detect the gender of the baby inside?

Ultrasound is used to identify the child's gender .

How long after a woman is pregnant can she find out what gender baby she is having?

A woman can have an ultrasound to determine the baby's sex as early as 15 weeks. However, an ultrasound is not 100% accurate - the only way to be 100% accurate is to have an amniocentesis, which is a risky procedure that a doctor won't perform just to determine the baby's sex.

What month can you know babies gender?

That depends on which test is done. A chorionic villus sample test can determine gender around 9 weeks. An amniocentesis can also determine gender and is done between 16-20 weeks. An ultrasound is the least reliable method because it's done visually usually around 18 weeks.

How many weeks until you know the unborn baby's gender?

That depends on which test is done. A chorionic villus sample test can determine gender around 9 weeks, an amnioccentesis can also determine gender and is done between 16-20 weeks and by ultrasound which is least reliable because its done visually usually around 18 weeks.

Is it possible for some snakes to change their gender?

No. However - it is possible for the mother snake to determine the gender of her offspring - by choosing the temperature at which her eggs will be incubated (or her own body temperature in the case of live-bearers)

Can you determine the sex of your baby?

Between 16 - 20 weeks. Your doctor will probably want to do the ultrasound right around 20 weeks to make sure the gender is obvious.

When can you tell a gender of baby?

1. Ultrasound is used in sonography- looking at human babies in the mother's womb. Ultrasound can be used to work out how old the baby is, determine its location, find the location of the placenta, and determine the sex of the baby (male or female), check for heartbeat, check for normal fetal growth and check for any abnormalities.

How can you tell the gender of a baby while it is still in the womb?

With an ultrasound.

How is gender indicated in an ultrasound report?

Anterior means female

What does blue and pink line mean after the ultrasound Is it possible for the ultrasound to tell your baby gender?

I am not sure what you are meaning, but no I think not, you will find out the babys sex only when you are 18 weeks +, if you are living in the UK then you will find out at your 20 week scan (normality scan).

How can understand baby sex in three months?

if you are saying how do doctors determine the gender of a baby before birth, they use the ultrasound and look for male or female genitals, this does not always work though

In which month is the sex of the baby known during pregnancy?

it may be possible to tell the baby's gender at the 20 week ultrasound but then it just depends what position the baby is lying in.

When in your pregnancy can you tell the gender with ultrasound?

Around week 16-20.