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Is it possible to download a song from the iTunes US store when you are in the UK and using the UK store?


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Yes its possible - you need a US gift card (you can purchase this online easily) and set up a US iTunes account. Then, get a random US hotel, use that address and phone number during registration. Enter the US gift card code and voila! You can purchase.

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You don't. You download apps on iTunes if you are downloading the app using the computer.You can download iTunes on

Using iTunes or the App store app on your iPhone

You download them on iTunes in the App Store, and then sync the iPad to the computer.

A. using a wi-fi connection, download it from the App Store (on the main menu)B. using iTunes and the USB cable, download and install with iTunes

mmm if on a computer with the ipod connected, open itunes go to itunes store and go to the apps section. if on the ipod is from the app store

You may download games straight from your iPhone using the App Store. You may also download games from your computer using iTunes.

The Apple App Store is accessed through the iTunes program, and is located on the domain. iTunes is required to download Apps from iTunes if you're on a computer, or by using the App Store App on an iPod Touch.

You don't have to pay for iTunes, but you have to pay for any content you purchase from the iTunes Store, the App Store (within the iTunes Store), and the iBooks Store (within the iTunes Store, in iTunes 10.3+). Also, if you've already purchased something on a different device using the same iTunes Store account, you can go to Purchased and download it for free.In short, you pay for what you buy, unless you've already bought it.

I don't think this is possible. I don't think there are very many games available to download for the nano most of the games to download are now being made for the iPod touch. There may be a few sites where you can download games and then import them into itunes.

File : import songs (i guess you're talking about importing files) if not : use limewire

go to itunes store, buy songs you want after putting in a valid itunes gift card.plug in ipod, and click sync

You can download the newest version of iTunes, go to the iTunes Store, type in your show in the search box, and buy it.

Touch the app iTunes. For apps, it is different; you have to hit the app store button and cannot purchase any apps from the iTunes store, only music.

As with any iPod, you can download the music using iTunes on your computer, and sync it to iPod touch. Since the iPod touch has built-in free wifi, you can use the iTunes Wi-Fi music store to download and purchase music, videos, TV shows, Podcasts, Apps and iTunes U content on the go. Just choose the App Store or iTunes from the iPod touch homescreen.

No. However, if you want it to download artwork using iTunes, you have to create an iTunes store account. This needs to be linked to a credit/debit card.

download itunes go into the music store and sign in using the email and password from when you registered

The answer depends on the software you are using download the music. If you are using a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, you should be asked to specify where you want to save the file when you try to download it. If you're using a program such as iTunes, and you are downloading from the iTunes Store then you won't be given a choice where to save the purchased file, however you can still open the iTunes directory and move the files around manually if you like.

Yes, iTunes can be used to download music videos or any videos for that matter.

download itunes onto that PC and upload the photos onto itunes and then you can download the photos onto your iPod.

You will most likely have to download iTunes yourself. Just go to and click "Download iTunes 10", then choose whether you are using a 32 bit or 64 bit system. After that, click "Download Now" and follow the directions provided to you.

Using the Apple App store download them. If you don't already have an account you can sign up through iTunes.

There are two ways: 1. First download the apps onto your computer using iTunes. Plug in your iPod to your computer, open iTunes, and set the sync settings so that you can download apps to it, sync your iPod and you should see the apps on there. 2. Go to the app store on your iPod and download them from there. Both require an iTunes account.

download the song from limwire and from there drag it to itunes. To drag it make sure the limewire window appears in front of itunes and drag to your itunes music library.

I don't think so. The 2 procedures I know on how to get movies onto iTunes is to either purchase it from the iTunes store, or download the video using a Torrent program and using an option on the DVDVideoSoft Free Studio Manager program that converts the video into an iPod format. No Way

If you downloaded the movie using iTunes, you can do this two ways: 1) Download iTunes on your computer, search for the movie, download it using iTunes (it will be free since you already purchased it), and sync it to your iPod. 2) Go to the other computer and download it to your iPod using iTunes by going to "Movies" and dragging the movie to your iPod under "Devices" (when it is plugged in)

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