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In some women it is yes. When I was carrying twins I had my symptoms very early into the pregnancy. But if your worried then see your doctor. Although I knew I was pregnant as soon as I missed my period I didn't find out I was carrying twins until I was 18 weeks pregnant, and I actually felt better with them than I had with my first singleton pregnancy. However all the later pregnancy things you get like the tiredness and heartburn came earlier than the first time.

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Q: Is it possible to feel very normal at eight weeks in pregnancy even if you are carrying twins?
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Can you be pregnant if you were eight days late but have all the pregnancy symptoms?

It is possible to be pregnant. Symptoms can appear at any time.

How would you know if you were pregnant with twins at eight weeks?

The only sure way of knowing you are pregnant with twins is by ultrasound. An ultrasound at 8 weeks would show if you were carrying a multiple pregnancy.

How is short term disability due to pregnancy paid?

The standard benefit for normal delivery is six weeks for vaginal birth, and eight weeks for a c-section delivery.

Can 8 positive clear blue digital tests be wrong?

It is remotely possible, but unlikely. If someone has used eight over the counter pregnancy tests and all have come up positive, that someone should see a doctor for other possibilities if pregnancy is not an option.

Could a woman be pregnant after eight day passed and then see her period?

No, it's biologically impossible to menstruate while pregnant. It is possible for a woman to bleed during pregnancy, but this is uncommon. Generally speaking you are not fertile eight days before menstruation and you can't menstruate while pregnancy - but if uncertain take a pregnancy test, it's likely unneeded but if it puts your mind at ease that's a good reason to take the test to be sure.

When does the fetus develop teeth in the gums?

in eight week of pregnancy

How long does a pregnancy period last?

twenty eight days

How can you stop a eight weeks pregnancy?

You can stop an 8 week from gestation pregnancy the same way you would stop any other pregnancy. That is, you can have an abortion. Most abortions in America are performed by suction curettage, which is an option at 8 weeks. In practice, abortion is legal in all 50 States, up to week 24 on demand. Although it is possible to stop a pregnancy through abortion, I would make sure I was informed on the morality of the issue as much as possible before making such a serious decision. The alternatives are keeping the baby or adoption.

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Could you be pregnant if your period is eight days late and your breasts are sore and you are tired and moody but have no other symptoms of pregnancy?

you should either buy a home pregnancy kit or go to the doctor--- most women don't get symptoms of pregnancy-- i call them the lucky one... but sore breast and moody and missed of preiod is part of pregnancy good luck Very possible. You will need to take a HPT to know for sure.

Is peeing 3 times a night a sign of pregnancy?

It would be a symptom of diabetes but not pregnancy unless you were eight or nine months pregnant.

Is it normal to have your period for 8 days while your on the shot?

It is normal to have your period for eight days but only if it is normal - spotting.

What is the normal heart rate of a eight year old?

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What are eight babies born to the same mother at the same time called?

Octuplets are eight babies carried in one pregnancy.

Can Es P Forte terminate the pregnancy of eight weeks?

No it's a contraceptive.

Is it normal to have brown spotting between eight and nine weeks of pregnancy is that the egg implantation?

It could be a cervical change that can cause vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding can also be a symptom of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Another cause for bleeding during pregnancy is a miscarriage although the first two reasons for bleeding are more common, it is still a good idea to contact your doctor if you are too concerned.

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Can i take a home pregnancy test eight days before your period is due?


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Is it normal during pregnancy of twenty eight weeks to feel successive kicks up to sixty in a period of 5 minutes?

Not to scare you but I think you should consult your doctor ASAP about that. That doesn't seem normal to me in a pregnancy.AnswerWas this by any chance just after you had had a cup of coffee? Sometimes it makes a fetus a bit hyperactive for a while. Or were you slightly stressed by something? It could be that your baby is hiccuping. The sensation can feel like rapid thumping when a baby hiccups inside the womb.

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Is it normal to feel thirsty and cold all the time during early pregnancy?

due to your increase in hormones you do need a lot more fluids in your system. try to have eight glasses of water a day. as for being cold i am not entirely sure, im in my seventh week of pregnancy and have drastic temperature changes throughout the day. hope ive helped a little aleksei

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