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Yes, both false positives and negatives can happen at reliable clinics. Sometimes the reagents used for the test may be old, improperly stored or handled, causing the problem. On the other hand, home pregnancy tests are notoriously inaccurate.

Anything is possible; however, they're usually always right. Sometimes home tests may not be able to detect the pregnancy hormone. If you are pregnant, congratulations, and be very happy!

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Q: Is it possible to get a false positive when you take a pregnancy test at a clinic or hospital?
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How do you stop pregnancy in the first month?

Abortion at a clinic or hospital.

What if you get a positive pregnancy test and than a negative one?

Take a blood test at a clinic to be sure.

What are some possible places of employment as a pediatrician?

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Is it possible you are pregnant when you took one test it said positive then took another one and it was negative?

Yes, especially if you took the home pregnancy tests. Go to a clinic and have a blood test done.

How do you stop 1 month pregnancy?

By abortion at the clinic/hospital. Attempting on your own without doctors supervision is an illegal abortion and unsafe.

Can you have a positive pregnancy result in the morning and a negative one in the later in the afternoon?

it does not sound right my advice to you is to go to the clinic and get a test

What is a clinic?

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You are 20 years old and you missed your periods?

Is pregnancy possible? If not, go see a doctor or sexual health clinic.

What does it mean to get a pregnancy test done at the clinic and its positive and then the next day get a negative home pregnancy test?

pregnancy tests are all about hormones. its kind of unusual but if the female had a spike in hormones at the time of going to the clinic then it couldve messed the test up. when she got home they couldve subsided. or the at home pregnancy test could just be wrong as they sometimes are

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What is the risk of pregnancy with a husband who has had a vasectomy you have had one negative pregnancy test and you are forty-two days between cycles?

Pregnancy is possible. A simple blood test at your doctors or local clinic will verify a pregnancy. If not positive, then you need to discuss the other possible resons for your lack of cycle. However, you can get pregnant with a "fixed" partner if intercourse took place within the prescribed time for abstinence after his surgery. Also, but less likely, it is possible that the surgery did not fully "take" or that there is an act of God. Good Luck.

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I'ts a very expensive hospital.

What can you take to have a miscarrige?

Go to a hospital or women's clinic if you want to terminate the pregnancy, don't try anything at home, you could end up killing yourself.

What is the difference between private hospital and clinic?

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the hospital clinic might be faster and easier, like if you just got out of the hospital you can go right downstairs and get your medication and leave.

You took 3 home pregnancy tests one came up negative one looked positive and one was definitely positive Are your results reliable?

you should definatly go to a clinic and take one of there free pregnancy test to make sure wether or not your pregnant

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You have had 3 positive pregnancy hometests and 2 negative clearblue you are now 4 days late on your period what should you do?

You should go and get some personal medical advice from a doctor, a hospital, or a sexual health clinic. Clearly you have conflicting indications which can only be resolved by one-to-one consultation.

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What does it mean when you have all the symptoms of pregnancy and look pregnant but all the pregnancy tests you've taken come back negative even one the clinic administored?

I wouldn't rule out a phantom pregnancy it could be possible especially if you are longing for a child, I know someone it happened to on three occasions.If you're showing and nothing is coming back positive you may want to get an abdominal ultrasound to rule out any other abnormalities (or to confirm pregnancy)