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Do you mean like to have it start at a certain time of day/week or something? It would be a whole lot easier to just put your system into HYBERNATE mode via the Power Schemes option. To find out more on this subject, go to Help, and type in Power Up, and look for Power Schemes for... and follow their instructions on how to put the system into Hybernation.

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Q: Is it possible to get your computer to automatically turn on Windows XP Pro?
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When you turn your computer off do you automatically sign out of windows live messenger?

yes if we turn off our computer without signing out our computer will automatically disconnect with internet.

Is there any freeware program that will turn on a computer at a particular time?

Depending on your OS, You might be able to turn on your computer automatically, at a certain time. I know that on windows XP, you can set auto start throught the boot menue when you turn your computer on.

When I shut down my computer from the Start Menu why doesn't my computer shut down automatically Instead Windows advises me it is okay to turn off your computer now?

Your motherboard may not be configured for software power management.

Does the open submenu start automatically when you turn your computer on?

no!! The startup does that :)

Why would a computer automatically restart after logging on with an account in Windows XP?

turn on your firewall before connecting to the internet. That should fix the problem. It's an old virus

How can you determine if Windows NT is Installed?

Turn your computer on.

Why does your computer turn off automatically often?

it means it dons'nt like you

How do you turn on the windows security centre service?

with buttons, a mouse, a computer, and windows xp

You lost sound in your computer is it possible for someone to gone into your computer and turn off your sound?

If the computer does not log you off automatically when it enters standby, then yes. Also, this could be a sign of a faulty sound card that needs to be replaced.

How do you create task in task scheduler in windows 7 automatically turn on system that is i want to create a task so that the system automatically starts at or boots at some time ex. 2 AM.?

Windows Task Scheduler can only run when Windows is actively running on your computer (it is in system memory, the system is powered on, etc). Therefore, you cannot program Windows Task Scheduler to turn on your computer at 2AM, since the computer would be turned off. It would first need to be turned on in order to have Windows Task Scheduler turn the computer on (a Catch-22). Instead, look at your BIOS/CMOS configuration and see if it as an "alarm" feaure. Some BIOS code will allow you to program your motherboard to automatically power on at a certain time. This is notably true in older motherboards, but some newer motherboards might also have this feature. You should contact your computer's manufacturer or check the manual if you are unsure of how to access your BIOS configuration.

When you check the webcam on ooVoo it works but when you call people it turns the computer off?

If your computer does not detect a webcam in the computer. It will automatically turn the computer off.

Why won't Windows XP shutdown?

The best way to shut down Windows XP is to go to the Start Menu, click Turn Off Computer, and then click the Turn Off Computer icon.

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