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It's possible with a serious comittment to change for the better. Conseling will help, and the cheating spouse better be prepared to have his/her behavior closely scrutinized until the faithful spouse feels secure again , no matter how long it takes.


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I think that it is possible to love again after an affair. I think you didn't stop loving, it's the anger and humiliation that hides the love...if you want to love again you have to forgive trully. It's not easy, takes work, but it's possible. Below there's a link to an article about how to forgive a spouse for cheating, it may be very helpful to you.

They will cheat again, once a cheater always a cheater.

If you had an affair, your spouse must have had a very broken heart, and can not love you again, or trust you. what you do for pleasure with someone other than your spouse causes your spouse a great deal of pain, that's why it is usually frowned upon.

Definatly, it depends on the affair and how far the affair made, if the person is willing to take the person back and how they feel. It really just depends on the couple and if they are willing to try again.

That's Biblically the only reason for divorce. Can you ever trust your partner again after that?

If your spouse has only had one affair then it is worth talking things out because 'to err is human' and perhaps seeing a marriage counselor will help. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage and it takes hard work to keep a marriage going. However, if the spouse has had more than one affair it is time to sign divorce papers as you will never be able to trust them again.

I'm not sure if a person can love someone unconditionally after his affair because first of all, you are disappointed at him. To build up trust and reliability, it could take a long time. however, if he truly apologizes and understands what he has done, and you forgive him for it, then you should at least try to love him. after all, he is your spouse.

Perfectly normal. He cheated on her, how can she trust him now and be intimate? It is possible after a lot of work, but the doubt will always be there no matter how long they stay together. Trust is earned, he lost all that he had and will never reach the same level again.

If it was a one time affair then there is more hope that cheating will not occur again. Individuals do not know themselves 100 percent so no one can predict 100 percent if a mate will cheat again. There is one way to do this and this is to seek marriage counseling to help the marriage to become stronger and if the spouse that is cheating resists then they may well cheat again.

How? it will be very hard because the trust between man and his wife was broken. There are some couple that end up divorce because their life isn't the same anymore. And some will take very long time because the betrayed spouse will be afraid and wonder what if? could it? husband might do it again. It will be hard for the betrayed spouse to trust again especially if the guilty spouse was emotionally connected with his ex mistress. Repairing your marriage after the affair might happen but it will take you a long time.

You can trust your spouse again by simply starting t believe in them and by stop doubting them.

Just plain selfish. Kick him to the curb for good . Be strong. You deserve better.

You don't! That is the bad part of the aftermath of an affair - trust is destroyed, rightly so - it can take years to rebuild and some couples are never able to make it back to where they were before the affair happened. It is completely OK for you to distrust him and he needs to just accept this and better have all the right answers when you are feeling insecure and need him to tell you again and again, that it will never happen again!

In the case of a woman, she will pay more attention to her affair than her actual spouse because of lack of activity with that spouse. In an affair, she will atleast have more activity to cater to her excessive hormones that have built up due to inactivity (activity being a way to "burn them off" not always s*x though). If another man is giving more attention to her, she will (of course) in return, give more attention to the affair. A similar thing will happen with a man. The affair spikes his "senses" more than his current spouse does and so that will build up the man's hormones and so on... By the way, affairs are a very bad idea and I would never recommend it to anyone, because if you ever decide to tie the knot with your affair, the whole thing starts over again. Even if you don't though, you will still get caught! So just don't do it! If you trust this anwer, please say so!

The only response to a spouse have an affair on you is one of hurt; deceitfulness and the breaking of that bond of trust you thought you both had as well as taking your self respect away. Too many women are romantics or fear striking out on their own so they stick with a boyfriend or spouse because of it. and men often do the same thing. You are in charge of your life and destiny so sit down with your spouse and spell it out loud and clear you are not putting up with their affair and either they go to marriage counseling with you; make an effort to repair your relationship and they have to earn your trust back again or you will file for divorce. This should get the cheaters attention.

If this is a one time affair your spouse has had then 'to err is human' and if they are remorseful you have a greater chance of saving your marriage. Instead of worrying about your self respect realize that percentages of affairs between married couples is high and that you are not the only person dealing with this problem. Take the bull by the horns and let your spouse know that you are not putting up with another affair and the both of you should seek counseling. The Counselor is not there to blame one or both partners, but to give the couple tools to help them through their marriage problems. Keep your head high because you were not the one that cheated and no matter how high the statistics of one spouse cheating on another it is still unacceptable in society. If your spouse has cheated more than once then pack then you are far better to file for divorce because the statistics are high they will cheat again.

ANSWER:Does it? actually it will stop in time. But once in a while some flashback will hit you like a brick wall and once again it will be pain in your heart. If you still having problem how to forget your husband's affair, give yourself time. Remember time will help you ease the pain each time.

Yes. There are criminal penalties for a person who knowingly marries again without divorcing their spouse.Yes. There are criminal penalties for a person who knowingly marries again without divorcing their spouse.Yes. There are criminal penalties for a person who knowingly marries again without divorcing their spouse.Yes. There are criminal penalties for a person who knowingly marries again without divorcing their spouse.

It is hard because you know he is not faithful. Psychology wise: Number one need for a person is consistency. It gives security and a sense of stableness which allows a good relationship. The affair breaks this which demolishes the consistency between the husband and wife. Also, affairs will demolished the self-esteem of both husband and wife.

if your periods returned to normal and you had un proteceted sex the answer is yes it is defiently possible

People are only human and can make a mistake, but they should learn from that mistake and obviously your spouse has not learned or does not want to learn from the first mistake of cheating because he has done so again and therefore, no, you cannot trust him again as he has broken that bond of trust. Trust is not easy to attain once broken. He is either immature or does not want to commit to one woman and you are going to have to decide if you want to live a life with him of always wondering if he is going to cheat again.

Yes, when your husband has had an affair and been recently caught your wounds are still fresh because he has broken that bond of trust. For the first time you are looking at your husband in disbelief and with a new perception of him. The trust is gone and until he can earn it back then you will never feel quite the same about him again because you will fear he will have another affair. It is important to seek marriage counseling and to get your husband to communicate with you more openly. Both men and women around the beginning of their 40's and sometimes older may feel they are missing something; want to recapture their youth and want to know the opposite sex is still interested in them. If your husband has not had an affair before and now that he has been caught there is a good chance he will never do it again, but you both have to approach the problem he has in the marriage in a calm manner no matter how much he has hurt you.

No, no one could really blame a wife for walking away if the spouse never kept his words to not cheat again.

The antonym for the noun widow is wife or spouse. A widow is a widow as long as she remains unmarried; if she marries again, she is a wife and a spouse.

Have an affair with a married man. Then go sky diving.

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