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It's possible with a serious comittment to change for the better. Conseling will help, and the cheating spouse better be prepared to have his/her behavior closely scrutinized until the faithful spouse feels secure again , no matter how long it takes.

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Q: Is it possible to have a normal life again after a spouse has an affair?
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What usually happen after your spouse affair?

They will cheat again, once a cheater always a cheater.

Can you love again after an affair?

I think that it is possible to love again after an affair. I think you didn't stop loving, it's the anger and humiliation that hides the love...if you want to love again you have to forgive trully. It's not easy, takes work, but it's possible. Below there's a link to an article about how to forgive a spouse for cheating, it may be very helpful to you.

Why i Had affair got divorced?

If you had an affair, your spouse must have had a very broken heart, and can not love you again, or trust you. what you do for pleasure with someone other than your spouse causes your spouse a great deal of pain, that's why it is usually frowned upon.

Can someone return to a healthy relationship after the spouse had affair?

Definatly, it depends on the affair and how far the affair made, if the person is willing to take the person back and how they feel. It really just depends on the couple and if they are willing to try again.

What if your marriage is broken beyond repair after your spouse affair?

That's Biblically the only reason for divorce. Can you ever trust your partner again after that?

Can you love your spouse again unconditionally after his affair?

I'm not sure if a person can love someone unconditionally after his affair because first of all, you are disappointed at him. To build up trust and reliability, it could take a long time. however, if he truly apologizes and understands what he has done, and you forgive him for it, then you should at least try to love him. after all, he is your spouse.

Is it normal for a wife to have problem with intimacy to her husband because of his affair?

Perfectly normal. He cheated on her, how can she trust him now and be intimate? It is possible after a lot of work, but the doubt will always be there no matter how long they stay together. Trust is earned, he lost all that he had and will never reach the same level again.

Is it worth it to hold a relationship together after spouse infidelity?

If your spouse has only had one affair then it is worth talking things out because 'to err is human' and perhaps seeing a marriage counselor will help. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage and it takes hard work to keep a marriage going. However, if the spouse has had more than one affair it is time to sign divorce papers as you will never be able to trust them again.

How do you trust in your spouse again?

You can trust your spouse again by simply starting t believe in them and by stop doubting them.

How do you repair a marriage after an affair?

How? it will be very hard because the trust between man and his wife was broken. There are some couple that end up divorce because their life isn't the same anymore. And some will take very long time because the betrayed spouse will be afraid and wonder what if? could it? husband might do it again. It will be hard for the betrayed spouse to trust again especially if the guilty spouse was emotionally connected with his ex mistress. Repairing your marriage after the affair might happen but it will take you a long time.

How can you be certain that your spouse will not go behind your back and cheat again?

If it was a one time affair then there is more hope that cheating will not occur again. Individuals do not know themselves 100 percent so no one can predict 100 percent if a mate will cheat again. There is one way to do this and this is to seek marriage counseling to help the marriage to become stronger and if the spouse that is cheating resists then they may well cheat again.

If you gave your spouse the last chance and he move back in why in Gods name he start having an affair again?

Just plain selfish. Kick him to the curb for good . Be strong. You deserve better.

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