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It's possible to have two different cavities in one tooth. It's also possible that it is just one cavity, but it is on two surfaces of the tooth. Each tooth has five surfaces. Each surface added to a filling will be more money.

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Q: Is it possible to have two cavities in one tooth or is the dentist just trying to double-charge for one filling?
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Is it possible to have two cavities in one tooth or is the dentist just trying to double charge for one filling?

Its possible to have two cavities in one tooth.

On average how long does it take a dentist to fill two cavities?

It really depends on how big the filling is. There is no specific time range.

How do you heal tooth cavity?

By visiting a dentist for evaluation and possible filling.

What should you do if you went to the dentist and had three cavities that you needed filled and the dentist drilled the wrong tooth?

Take him to court If the dentist admitted filling the wrong tooth then he shouldn't charge for it and do the other one for free.

Is it possible to need a filling in a false tooth?

False teeth can't get cavities, so they don't need fillings.

How do you fix your broken front tooth?

If you have a broken front tooth, you will want to get to the dentist as soon as possible. The dentist can either remove the tooth or add a filling.

Is a dentist the same as a dental hygienist?

No, they are not. A dentist is someone who is trained and licensed to treat dental problems, such as filling cavities. A dental hygienist is someone who is trained and licensed in preventive dental services, such as: cleans your teeth and takes x-rays. They usually work in conjunction with a dentist.

What did the cake get when it went to dentist?


Why did the pie go the dentist?

To get a filling!!

What should you do if you have cavity?

go to the dentist, get a filling.

Why do cavities need to filling?

They're a site for bacterial growth.

What is a hinky pinky for a dentist's practice?

drilling filling

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