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Is it possible to hook up a 12 volt light to a 49cc gas pocket bike?

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How to make a Pocket bike turbo?

how do you make pocket bike turbo or where do you buy it i need it for my f4-15 pocket bike 49cc

What is the smallest cc in a pocket bike?

49cc to 110cc

Can you put a kick start on a 49cc pocket bike?


How fast will a 49cc pocket bike go?


Do a 49cc pocket dirt-bike have a clutch?


Pocket bike legal to ride in street OF Miami?

yes you can ride pocket bike in Miami only 49cc with lights.

Can you ride your 49cc pocket bike on a public side walk?

no it is illegal

Is a 49cc pocket bike legal to ride?

Yes but not on Main roads

Do you need a license to drive a 49cc pocket bike in Mauritius?


How do you bypass ignition switch on 49cc pocket bike?

Why is the charger controller on a 49cc change from a four wire to a three wire?

What is the top speed of a 49cc pocket bike?

it is 60 kilometer's per hour

How do you take the govern off a 49cc pocket bike.?

brake it off haha

Is it legal to ride a 49cc pocket bike on the footpath in nz?

no you can not ride it legally

Can you ride 49cc pocket bike in Oregon?

No they are not legal they must be 50cc or above

Can you ride a 49cc pocket bike in Rhode Island?

They are not street legal in RI.

I am looking for a SUNL wiring diagram for 49cc pocket bike?

The best place to find the wiring diagram for your 49cc pocket bike is to visit the dealer where it was purchased. The dealer should have all the manuals and diagrams necessary for repair.

Can you be 8 to drive a pocket bike?

you can but its against the law your supposed to be over 14 (if it is 49cc)

How many km an hour does a 49cc pocket bike go?

Around 35 km/h

Is it legal to ride a 49cc pocket bike on the streets wo a licence?

yes but not on main roads

How much weight can a 49cc pocket bike hold?

It's weighs almost 200 Pounds.

Is it legal to ride a 49cc pocket on sidewalks in Idaho?

Yes it is legal in Idaho to ride a Pocket Bike under 50cc on sidewalks.

How much liters of gas can a 49cc pocket bike hold?

it depends what kind of bike it is but my chopper holds about 2.0 litres of gas

What is the top speed for a 49cc pocket bike?

about 30-45 depemds on gas/oil mixture tire pressure weight and the bike

Is it illegal to ride a 49cc pocket bike on the sidewalks without a driver's license?

It depends on the state, but usually in most of America it is legal to own a pocket bike, but not ride it on public streets.

Where is the governor on a 49cc pocket bike?

The governor is the screw by the throttle on the hand grip take it out and no more governor.

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