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It might be possible, but not easy, and you may be left to invent your own drain fitting. Draining and above-ground pool is generally accomplished fairly readily by siphoning or pumping through a vacuum hose. Yes it's possible. You can use a hayward main drain. I think it's an SP-1048 or SP-1408. Just make sure you set it in a small amount of concrete under the sand surface to prevent it from sinking.

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Q: Is it possible to install a main drain in an above-ground pool?
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Do you need to lower your Main drain pipe behind the wall to install under mount kitchen sink?

That would depend on the height of the drain and how deep the sink is. As long as the drain is lower than the bottom of the sink, it should be fine.

How can you install a sink in a basement with high drainage if you have a drain from the washer you can split but the waste pipe is 4 feet off the floor?

sounds like you are going to need to install a sump for the sink to drain into and then you put a sump pump at the bottom and connect it into the houses main line.

How do you install an indirect drain to the main system to prevent possible sewage back-up into a 3 compartment sink?

You must maintain a 2" air gap from indirect waste to sewer waste. If sewage back up was the issue, I would recomend "directly" piping the 2 inch drain to the main sewage with a 2 inch normally closed backwater valve. If you piped an indirect drain you would not be protected from sewer back up. I assume this is for a sink perhaps in a basement?

How do you add a drain in a basement that does not have one?

its not easy but if you can locate your main drain pipe and its below your basement floor then saw cut up the floor and attach the floor drain to the trap and then tie on to the main line using the same pipe or adapters. If you have no main drain under your basement floor then you will need to saw cut a hole for a sump pump pit or basin and install the sump pump to your main drain line which has to be installed so your sump pump line runs higher then your main line before wyeing to the main line. then cut up the floor to where u want your floor drain and run the drain to your sump pump basin . Some states want a vent on your floor drain and on your sump basin so I would check what your local codes are.

My washer and dryer are currently in my basement and I would like to install it on the main floor but don't know how to install the pipes for the drain to still go into the basement drain?

Without knowing the layout or type of drain pipe and location, it is impossible to give a good answer. Drill a hole in the floor and run the drain with PVC. Drains should fall 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch for every foot of distance. Horizontal distance. There may be a drain line that is closer to the first floor location that you can tap into. Washer drain does not need a vent, it gets it's venting around the washer hose.

What is herdsman main drain?

it is in a normal drain

How do you paint the inside of an inground cement pool when water keeps coming in from the main drain?

You should install a small pump 1/6 horse lets say, let it run.

Can you use the main drain to lower the water level past the skimmer?

No. You cannot use the main drain to lower the water level below the skimmer. This is because the main drain is not really a drain. It only connects right back to the 3 port valve in the skimmer.

If you have a leak in the main drain line in a vinyl inground pool do you have to fill in your main drain?

Most main drains for vinyl liner pools have a threaded port inside of the drain itself. This threaded port is used to plumb in the main drain. The easiest way to fix this is to swim down to the main drain, remove the grate, which is held on with two screws, COME UP FOR AIR, then screw in a threaded 11/2 plug into the port. This will stop water from leaking if the leak is in the line itself and not in the drain.

Why is your pool draining from the main drain?

If you mean you are losing water, it may be a broken or cracked main drain or possibly your hyrdo-static valve is malfunctioning. One other possibility is a break in the pipe going to the main drain.

How do you repair a broken main drain line in a concrete in-ground pool 9 feet deep?

Check out: They install a pipe lining kit that lines the entire length of pipe without excavation!

How do you close the main drain of your in ground swimming pool?

My pool has two main drain openings, to prevent entrapment. I use a Kreepy Krawly pool cleaner so the main drain stays closed all the time, otherwise, the Kreepy Krawly would get stuck every time it passes over the main drain. There is a valve located with the pool equipment (filter/pump/various valves) which is used to open and close the main drain. I'm no expert, but that's the way mine works.

Why does your clothes washer drain your toilet The toilet always has bubbles in it.?

Firstly, you have a anti syphon problem, this is causing the drainage and the bubbles are caused by a possible blockage in your main sewer line.

Why does your toilet drain slowly?

Drain partially plugged or the main line has collasped. Bad venting. Tree roots could have got into the drain. Possible quick fix. Fill a 5 gallon bucket 3/4 full and pour it into the bowl as fast as it will take it. This is a much larger volume of water than normal and may flush out the line.

How do you plug the broken main drain of a swimming pool?

Would advise that you get a professional to address the situation first hand. The main drain is intrigal to your circulation.

Does the main vent stack have to be installed before the fixtures or can you install it at the end of the waste drain line?

Depends on the code and how its plumbed in. Your only allowed so much footage on the drain line before it will have to be individually vented on a combination waste and vent system. Also the pipes will have to be sized at least 2 pipe sizes larger.

How do you unclog the bottom drain of a in ground pool if you can't find the junction of the skimmer and the main drain?

Depends how the pool was plummed. If you have a dedicated main drain line, or you share a main drain line and a skimmer line. Both are suction lines to the pump,meaning they will go into the front of the pump. If you have several valves on the front of the pump, and hopefully they are labeled you could try to shut all of them except the main drain and use what is called a drain king. It hooks to a waterhose and swells inside the pipe forcing water in the opposite direction. If you dont have any valves on the front of the pump ,chances are you share suction with the skimmer. check the inside bottom of the skimmer. Main drain may be plummed to skimmer bottom.

What is the Purpose of a main drain in a swimming pool?

If its not connected through the skimmer I imagine it's there to empty it. hmmm, on the above. The main drain in pools is for circulating the lower part of the pool and is not intended to drain the pool as in a bath tub.

How do you change tub drain to toilet drain?

You dont. A tub drain is too small for a toilet drain. You need to hire a professional to find a main line 3" or bigger to tie into for a toilet drain.

Besides snaking and using plumber liquids for water backup into home through main drain?

A large power auger is the only solution for the main drain.

You want to install shower in the basement tying into the main drain for the house should there be some kind of backflow preventer installed between the shower trap and the main line to prevent backup?

If the existing sewer line is lower than basement grade (does it go into the basement floor and out of the house?) you can just connect in to the existing drain. By code, sewer lines must have a slope of 1/4 inch per running foot, meaning that raw sewage will run AWAY from the main plumbing stack of the house. If the sewer line is ABOVE the level of the basement plumbing fixtures, you will need to purchase and install a pump check-valve, and tank to install any plumbing below the house sewer line. If you have any questions, contact a licensed plumber to find out the needs of your home.

How do you use the bottom drain in an in-ground pool?

Well, if you mean to drain the pool --- it is not a drain as in house plumbing -- the sink -- the tub. It is connected to the skimmer and that is connected to the pump. Your main drain is most likely 'working'. It does not nave to be a strong flow. Well, if you mean to drain the pool --- it is not a drain as in house plumbing -- the sink -- the tub. IT DOES NOT DRAIN ANYTHING. It is connected to the skimmer and that is connected to the pump. Your main drain is most likely 'working'. It does not nave to be a strong flow.

Can two bath tubs share the same drain?

Yes, they can share the same main drain.

Hwy when you flush your upstairs toilet does your downstairs shower drain erupt sewage?

The drain from the toilet to the main drain is plugged and the branch to the shower is not. If the main floor toilet flushes, it is between the two toilets and not between the house and the sewer.

When you do laundry why does the floor drain start to come up with water from the washer?

The drain from the washer to the main line is getting plugged and the floor drain is easier. Drain cleaner in the floor drain should take care of it.